Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Last Post for 2009!

What a brilliant year that was. Honestly, it was one of the more sober years I have had. Nothing major happened, no life changing events, relatively simple and easy. It drifted past us and I thank God for that. Because, I totally did not enjoy 2008 and was hoping for a year like what 2009 turned out to be.

I really cannot even list out what all happened like I did last year. I hated 2008 and the numerous hospital visits and the inumerous health issues. I liked the change in the pace of 2009. Today I feel more mature, and also more experienced in life to handle the sudden crap it can throw at you and change your life completely. And also, I am older now. I am slowly but steadily climbing into the thirties and I am trying not to let that change the way I think. But life goes on and time does not stop.

So to recap real fast, We returned from CA in January 2009. Fun-est trip ever.

Federer Won Australian Open early February. Babs got her baby cousin from G's brother and wife. Anya. Really cute.

Anitha (Babs old baby sitter) went to India in March and we had to get her a new baby sitter in the form of Pooja.

April sucked because my uncle passed away. Riyansh was born to another friend S.

I passed my LEED Certification in May.

I visited my parents at their home in Chattanooga in June. Babs also pooped in the potty first time in June. We also planted a garden in June and was in full bloom with tons of flower and also green bell peppers.

In July we welcomed our in-laws and also saw Sonu and others perform live on stage.

In August G and I celebrated our nine years of knowing/dating each other.

September saw my two BFF's getting married. It was a beautiful wedding but it was also the day I did my biggest clumsy ever.

In October both Babs and G turned a year older. Babs was two and G was well OLD :P...I partied with both of them and hopefully they will both remember it.

November my in-laws went back to India.

December my parents came and visited us for a week and it was super fun. I got to stay home and relax with them. My friend MB had her twins, a girl (Manya) and a boy (Neev). Super cute. My ex-baby sitter Pooja also had her baby daughter (Sai Gayathri).

So there, though not much, I had something to do every month. So life did not slow down completely. Every weekend was busy meeting friends, doing stuff, parties, etc. My only mission for 2009 is to make as many mommy friends as possible so my daughter can have play dates and such. Especially during winters when I cannot take her to the play ground we feel so bored and holed inside our home.

Resolution time: I am not into making resolutions because I learned very early on that I suck at keeping up any of those resolutions. But this year I am going to try.

  1. To loose all my prego weight. Ya Babs is 2+ now and I am still as fat as I was when I got prego. A lot of my friends who met me after I had Babs or during my prego tell me that I look fine and all that. But they have not seem the 20 pound lighter me and I cannot explain to them how much it hurts to not get into my favorite tees or pants. Anyway. I have to do it this year.
  2. To eat less sugar.
I will add more to the list as time flies by.

To everyone reading this blog A Very Happy 2010.



P said...

Hey! Wishin you the best as always!
ad yes tons of persistence wit your resolutions! :)

Prasanthi Neeladaran said...

Happy New Year to you too:) Babs looks adorable!!!!!



Suchi said...

Happy New Year Anu! May the year ahead be a wonderful and prosperous year.

Sum said...

Hi Anu!
Happy New Year.... Babs looks cuuutee..
- Sum.