Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sunrise and Sunset

As far back as I can remember I have always been a sunset person. I would rather stay up late than to wake up early.  On the few days that I did wake up early I always made a point to note how much I got accomplished but never managed to make it my lifestyle choice. I enjoyed satying up as late as I possibly could. That is, until college happened.

My undergraduate college days saw me waking up again at 6.15am or 6.30am at the latest so that I could catch the 7.10 train (and 7.15 bus in the first year) at Nungambakkam station and start my 42 kilometer train journey. I hated it so much but never once missed making bus or train. I had two good classmates who sometimes were on the road when I got out of home and gave me a ride to the station. Else, it took me 10 minutes to cover the kilometer walk between home and station. And yet, the location being Chennai I never saw the by 7.00am the sun was hitting you hot and heavy...

During my Master's, there was a semester I had to audit a course that was at 7.30am. Groggy eye, in Kansas winter I would walk through snow and ice and make it to the class barely on time and then post session would go to the student union and sleep the rest of the hours off. I was so involved in sleep walking once that I had ignored to check the weather and had to be escorted by a cop back to home as the college was shut due to a blizzard through which I had walked...of course, first winter in not judge me!

And when I started to work, I was always lucky to work 2 minutes away from home. No kidding! So again, I slept through sun rise but made to work on time...again, that is, until now, when I have to drive across town to make it to my new job...the excitement of seeing the sun rise in my rear view mirror is amazing! The red ball of beauty slowly comes up on me until it blinds me through the rearview mirror. The changes the sun rise brings to the sky is something I cannot explain but you have to experience. I now enjoy seeing that happen and waiting for it to happen after the sky first turns, yellow, pink, taupe, indigo, purple, and then he comes up! ah ha!

So now, I am a sunrise kind of person. I go to bed early, shut down watching my Korean dramas by 10, spend some time watching regular TV or doing stuff around the house and then I am done by 11...I am still getting used to it, my body is shocked but I know, like all else...this too shall become a part of me...