Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Two Women and I - In a Car!

I was in a car, with two other women heading to lunch. We were not similar in age or appearance. I was closer to 35 than 40 and they were above half a century. I was in a skirt and blouse and open toe heeled shoes, comfy in the Texas summer at the same time looking professional.

Lady 1 (L1): I wonder why people in this company (the one we had just visited) are so badly dressed.
Lady 2 (L2): Yup, looks too casual for a corporate HQ.
L1: If I were the boss, I would make everyone dress formal to work. Some days you are thrown out to meet the VP's and what nots and you always have to be ready to face the person.
L2: Agreed. I am very traditional when it comes to dressing. It has to be proper for work.
L1: Ya, my pet peeve is people coming to work in jeans and tennis shoes.
L2: I hate open toe shoes for work. It just seems too casual...


And I was sitting in the back, not sure if she saw my feet or not. Regardless, I did not care. I was not going to fester sweaty smelly feet, plus our company policy had nothing against open toe shoes..and, the shoes looked good with the skirt.

Somehow I felt that the whole conversation was against the Indian community that worked at our client place. Most of whom chose comfort over fashion. And the last specific comment confirmed my suspicion.

If open toed shoes were the only thing that bothered her, she must be happy with what she wears. If I were her, I would have turned my closet into a bonfire...it was hideous...nope, not holding a grudge here :P

And every time I wear my open toe shoes to work, I remember this conversation.

Open-Toe Shoed ART :P