Thursday, September 29, 2011


This is completely random. So random that it deserved it's own specialty post. The post is about the titular hero and the host of this blog...Google.

I really do not know when it started but it was around the time I finished my Master's that I first heard the name Google. Today it is there in everyone's life. Words like search, research, look, find have been replaced by the word Google...I know, this is nothing new, all of you have also felt its impact...but Google. I love you Google. I have no single reason as to why but I fell in love with you hard. If anyone said anything wrong about you, I feel the need to defend you with my minimal tech knowledge. If you are in trouble, I want to help (not sure how...but remember it is the thought that counts). I can spend hours engulfed by your love and warmth. blah blah blah...

Everything you touch turn gold and if it is already gold then it becomes platinum...for example you tube. Since you started buying up companies I felt the strong urge to recommend that you also buy Wikipedia. That website is my second love. How nice it would be if the two of you were joined in union? Search and info! I know you like wiki, because every time I google something your first results are always from Wiki. Wiki, keeps me and the hubby dearest entertained for hours. We Wiki while we are watching TV to get info on actors, directors, places, history and what not. We are always pulling out phones to check what is what...

And speaking of phones...that is the one place I betrayed you. I went the Apple route. I love my Iphone in spite of all its shortcomings and do not see myself with a G phone in the nearest future...forgive me. Not a lovers spat.

And continuing on should have bought Groupon. Well, there is still Living Social that is left for you to bid on. But if you do buy Living Social, make some changes to their App. It sucks right now.

Sorry about Google Wave and +. I really tried hard to like it but had to take your failure as mine and it hurt when people hurled abuses at it. Just so I should not feel like an outsider I also said a couple of mean things about +. Please don't mind ok.

Anyways, I can go on and on because it is love and love has no bounds. I wish to end this before it starts sounding like I had a tall glass of margarita before I sat down to type! Long Live Google. And May I Love You for Days and Years ahead.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Changing Plans

The past two weekends have been nightmarishly a good way.

First it was the weekend that had three festivals going on in different parts of Dallas. I of course wanted to get in on all three of them. The plan was set. Friday night, Babs BFF sleep over with her parents at our house. The sleepover was preceded by a visit to Plano Balloon festival. Saturday was reserved for Oktoberfest and Sunday was for Grapefest. I was all set.

The house was kinda sorted out. Babs napped and ready on Friday evening and finally all three of us were ready to head out...when the rains came, and boy did they come. It rained non-stop the rest of the evening and night. I quickly changed from my white tee to something of a darker shade blouse and went and met our friends for dinner. The sleepover happened and the kids were beyond explanation happy. I convinced myself that I can still do Balloon Fest on Sat and Grapefest on Sunday. I had been to Oktober many times so was not sad on missing it.

Next day, after spending most of the time lazing around Babs decided that she wanted to go with her BFF to Grapefest. I begged but to no avail. So we were at Grapefest. Babs had a great time there. She was with our friend who took them to do dancing, play with a cow's udder and milk some, and last but not the least they did grape stomping. So cute! Late night before we retired home and all of us were tired to our bones.

Sunday started with Babs ice skating class and me taking her home quickly to get her ready for the Balloon fest I was going with my BFF and Babs friend. Well, we got there only to realize that it had been cancelled due to storms coming from the North. I wanted to scream my lungs out. I was looking forward to this one and I was so disappointed. Instead we went to a park, sat by the pond, fed Babs and her friend dinner while they chatted and saw the ducks around. They played till the storm actually started throwing some water on us and then we drove home in a hail storm. I was lucky to get a parking spot in a gas station before I drove home. Babs sat behind me a little scared before falling asleep...

And there, the only thing I got to do was the Grapefest. Next year, if I am still in Dallas...hopefully I will make it to the Balloonfest and skip on Grape and Oktober because I have already to been to these two now.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am trying to diet...the operative word is TRYING. You won't see a thing different in me because I have not lost an ounce anywhere...if at all there have been some additions...well, whatever...ok, anyways...conversation in our house after dinners...

September 12, 2011

A: I need to go to a grocery store...
G: Lets go to Tom Thumb..
A: Why? We can stop at Albertsons, we just passed it.
G: Lets get the Chocolate Mousse Cake again.

So we pick it up, Babs has gone to bed. We both look at each other with an evil smile. I go to the kitchen, serve us our slices. We are done eating in 2 minutes sharp. Then we contemplate to get more.

G: This cake is evil.
A: We need to destroy it.
G: Ya, otherwise we will be destroyed.
A: it is US vs Cake. And right now cake is winning.
G: Another piece must be had.

So off we have another slice and get more healthier in appearance.


September 13, 2011

A: Are we having cake tonight again? You know that huge slice is still left.
G: No. Not two days in a row. (With the strictest face).
A: Really? (I make a sad face and then give up).

I get on a phone call. Talk for 45 minutes and walk out to join G watching TV.

A: So no cake?
G: Yes, but I made something else...go check the fridge and bring some. Must be cold enough now.
A: What the?

I go and check the favorite coconut milk with banana dessert is sitting proudly on the fridge shelf...What the??? I thought we were dieting...but hell no! We ate the whole damn thing. Got very sleepy from the coconut milk and hit the bed real soon.


At this rate...I am never going to loose any weight...anyways. Sorry Fit Parents for you...


Thursday, September 08, 2011

I and We (I-V)

When I was in my undergrad I got to meet my first "I-We" person (henceforth known as I-V). When something went wrong with the idea it was a collective "we" that was used to apologize but God forbid something went right in a collective effort, it was the stand alone "I" that was used. I did not recognize this until the girl who became my BFF in college pointed it out to me. I was so naive that I did not pick up on the signals of the I-V  traits.

Later I realized that in every group there is at least one person like that. One person who does not hesitate to steal the credit or share the blame. Just knowing about the existence does not make things easier for us now, or does it? The I-V person is typically fast to respond to secure their position. They make sure that they are credited for others ideas in a public gathering or otherwise. Trying to one-up on them will only make you look like a jealous person...And what is worse? Most of these I-V people think that it is normal to do that, and never really know they are doing it...more like kleptomaniacs only that they are stealing your work/effort/talent. So in a way, they are...well you know...

Oh! The fun thing is to get two I-V people in the same group...

Just wanted to write this out. It has been bothering me a while...if you have any suggestions on how to tackle them, do write back...

Coming Soon...a post on people who blame you for their mistakes and are always ready with the blame even before the mistake is pointed out...

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Character Dheela...

A friend of mine told me that I was raising a 15 year old and not a 3 year old. So true. Whenever I see Babs or talk to her we communicate like peers. She tells me things as they are and I do the same. We even argue on what I should wear. When I was a young girl my brother used to be my fashion police and I had to go through hoops to jump through his strictures. Now, I have my daughter...

Babs questions me why are you wearing such high heels? Are they not bad for your feet? If I cannot wear them, you cannot too. Change to nowadays when I go to pick her up from school, I quickly change into sneakers to avoid a fight.

There are so many embarrassing moments in the life of a parent...everyone who is a parent will attest to this but each time you come face to face with it, you are shocked and paralyzed...This long weekend we had gone to one of our friends house. Babs wanted to watch the song "Pappu Can''t Dance." My friend kindly obliged, another friend said, "Since we are taking requests, I want to see Character Dheela song." After Babs request was over my friend set about searching for Character Dheela when another friend jumped in and suggested which link to play...his main criteria was that it said HD. And so the song started...a few seconds in, Zarine Khan was replaced by a seductive Katrina...and the next thing we know...she is taking her blouse off and seducing someone on a table. I jumped, and turned Babs head and then tried to stand in front of her distracting her while my friend tried his best to find the ESC button.

Moving on...a day later in our house Babs sits with me on the couch and once again asks me, "Why did you laugh so much at our friend's house while watching the Character Dheela (which happens to be her favorite song right now) song?" I randomly talking about the weather outside and try to avoid the topic...Babs jumps back to the topic and asks me, "Was it because Katrina Aunty was removing her blouse?"

"Yes Babs," I said softly and let that be. Maybe I should have just said so before instead of making her wonder about it and figure it time I will know better but for now we laughed our ass off...

Love you Babs