Monday, July 11, 2016

Messaging Woes...


  1. Reply promptly to invites. Wouldn't you like that for you when you invite others?
  2. Respond promptly to messages. A lot of times your response decides what I will do with my time or resources. Your delay in response can cause unnecessary inconveniences that can be avoided.
  3. Understand that no one likes to be another's Plan D. If you cannot make me a priority, I understand, but do not make me feel used.
  4. I can see that you have read my message...don't think you can fly under the radar and reply 3 days after and say that you had not read my message before...tsk tsk tsk.
  5. NO is a totally acceptable response to an invite or a request. If you cannot handle it, you need to do some introspection. I should not be afraid to say to NO to you because you are psychologically bullying me into doing what you want. This is the worst feeling in a relationship and can cause irreparable damage.
  6. Even if you want to say NO to something I am asking, please do so promptly. I will try and keep check on my emotions and deal with it in a mature way. But it always helps for me to hear the rejection now than later.
  7. Try to not make plans and then dump me. I understand unstoppable circumstances. I have done the same...and I get it. Sucks to be on both sides.
  8. Oh! and please do not read emotions in my simple statements or messages. I will express my mood with emoticons. I am known to abuse their you will know how I am feeling at any given time. 
  9. And yes, this post is totally factual and any resemblance to sarcasm or frustration is purely coincidental. 
  10. And no, this post is not directed at any one person but to all my interaction on Whatsapp with my many friends individually and in groups. So, if you think this is all about you, I am sorry to disappoint you. It is not always all about you but maybe one or two things do apply to you :P (see...Emoticon use :P)
  11. Oh! and I have done a lot of the above as well...I am on the mend now, hopefully you will head that way too...Respect and be Respected.
In the days and age of Whatsapp, I can really see who is doing what...almost...not stalking at all...nope! But really, I can see who got my message and if you read it or not. I want to keep my friendships clean and clear with no hard feelings and looks like Whatsapp might cause a few dents here and there...

A Messaging ART

Friday, July 08, 2016

Bubblistic Words!

Wimbledon 2016 J.W. Tsonga (FRA) vs A. Murray (GBR) on TV.  S and I are cuddled up on the sofa, G cooking dinner or doing something in the kitchen.

S: Where is Tsonga from?
Me: France, see it says FRA next to him for France.
S: Oh, but Andy is English, right?
Me: Yup, see, it says right there... GBR for Great Britain.
S: So, why is it not GFRA?
Me: What?
S: GFRA, for Great France.
S said it with all innocence that I gave her a tight squeeze, related the story to G and explained to her that even I cannot figure out what the hell Great Britain, UK, England and all them rubbish stands for. And then this video came along to explain it all so nicely...yup, no one still gets it! Bunch of bollocks to confuse the world.

These guys stole the words from Babs head.

A Commonwealth ART