Friday, August 29, 2008

No Title! I am tired of Titling!

I was driving back to work after lunch at Zorbas...they definitely have one of the best tasting food ever and the time they take to serve is even better...sometimes I go to a restaurant right next door to work and they delay me so much that I do not make it in till half past one...but here, I go in, I eat, pay and I am back at work all within 60 minutes...and this in spite of driving to Plano...but I digressed...

When I was driving back I was thinking of good old days, as I always mind starts wandering to my life back in India, which I think I subconsciously miss but I am also aware that will not be the same if I ever decide to go back...which is another debatable topic that G and I keep going back and forth...again I wandered you see how my mind works? I think of way too many things at a given time and for me to remember and pen them down is a task of its own...only 1% of the many things I think I should write about actually get written down...

So coming back to where I wanted this post to actually head let me introduce you to electric trains...In Mumbai they are called local, in London they are the Tube, and in New York they go by the name, Subway...and so on...but in Chennai we call them "electric trains." Simple name, because that's what they are, they use electricity to run and if there is a power outage somewhere then you are stuck in the middle of nowhere in a has happened to me exactly once in the three years I have used it to ferry between my college and home.

For almost 8 years out of the 11 I stayed in Chennai, I rarely used the train. I had my bro drive me around for the first few years and then it was me on my two-wheeler and when I got a little older I had my Maruti 800 to take me wherever I wanted to go...I was very independent when it came to transportation...Thanks to my parents.

During the first two years of college, I used the college bus to take me to college because my house was so far away from the nearest station...until dad decided to move, since both my brother's were now living away from home we could actually move into a smaller house which might reduce the burden on mom. So we moved into a two bedroom apartment closer to the station...I made sure that this apartment was fun...I was going to live in an apartment for the first time ever and I did not want to live in any simple place...Dad paid a huge price but I had fun :)

But the point is, I finally had to take train to college instead of college bus because it worked out a lot cheaper and the station was just a ten minute walk from home...but who walked? My college guys who had motorbikes on their way to the station eventually gave me a ride, so everything worked out fine...

I thought about this whole train thing today because I miss the feeling of standing at the door of the train...(our trains' doors remain open 24 hours) and letting the wind touch your face and brush the hair off...sitting at the doors on the offside (the side the platform will not come when the train arrived at a station) and chatting for the entire hour with friends, writing homework on the way to college, reading GRE vocabulary on the way up and my friend testing me on them on the way back, missing a train so I could join my friend, eating at the station, making friendship bands on the train, my friend reading my palm after quackingly reading it from a book on the side, meaningless singing, yelling, getting ragged by seniors, ragging juniors, eating hot freshly roasted peanuts, making friends, last minute cramming sessions, bunking classes and going for movies (happened rarely...but it did happen), missing the train and cussing out aloud after running half a mile...and many more...

As the popular Tamil song from Khaka Khaka (modified) goes..."ondra renda varthaigal...ellam sollave...oru blog podhuma..."

I took those three years for granted and today almost 8+ years afterward I am reveling in the memories knowing very well that I can only go back in time in my bad as it may sound, I am glad that at least I had the opportunity to make some really fun memories that I carry with me...not just the trains but so many other things...they keep me grounded...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Header

Ah! finally I got myself a new header...I did not spend much time on it...but I think that it is anyday better than the old one I had for so long.

Sometimes art needs explanation or else it is lost to interpretation...just to help...I tried to show the transformation...a single me, a married me, a pregnant (tummy) me, and a mom me! So that is where I am right now :)

If any of you need help doing something similar...send me pics and I can help :)


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

There is always one person who can drive you up the matter what...even when you are in your best behavior trying your best not to hurt anyone's sentiment...I try and avoid contact with such people but somehow as fate would have it we get put into the same room more often than I want...

And then there are some people I call the harami dosth...these are people who are my friends but those who actually do not care about me and hurt me a lot...Once again fate deals a wicked card...I cannot be without them and that is just twisted...don't want to say anymore!

Monday, August 25, 2008

A Weekend that was...

On Saturday I casually started cleaning the house when Babbi and MIL took a nap...I was halfway done with cleaning the floor and then our master bathroom when G offered to help me. I told him that our closet needed some checking in on as it was bursting with his an instant he got into the mood of cleaning (mind you this happens only once in a year) and we were out and out on it full fledged...Finally our cramped up apartment has space...really...the closets have empty room for me to load things into, it has an open feeling to it and my heart brims with pride when I see the clarity some of the old spaces have achieved...

I will agree that I am a packrat. I had loads of boxes, loosely packed with completely useless things in it. I wonder why I had carried them with me all the way from K-State. I don't know and it took a lot of angry words from G before I got rid of them...but I managed to save a whole box of CD's I did not want to get rid of though I know that they will be obsolete in a couple of years, they are now up in one of the closets with a tag, "CD's-to be thrown out," neatly written in G's ugly handwriting.

But on the whole, the weekend was fab considering we spent half of Sunday also in cleaning. I have asked G to break his usual routine and help me do some organization one more weekend in this calendar year...

Weekend was Krishna Jayanthi...that's what we south Indian's call it...some people also call it we dressed up a sick Babbi in Krishna's dress and took some pix. When I get the pix done professionally I will upload some here...I also managed to do some Pesalapappu Payasam and of course Krishna's favorite Veg Puffs (well since all the guests liked it, I am sure it is Krishna's new favorite)...both a hit...also my sambar came out amazing...I was very happy as I finished my day with the brilliance of a never before and never ever Grand Finale and closing ceremony of 2008 summer Olympics in China...Absolutely loved it...

This is my honest opinion, I know that many are coming up with conspiracy theory on how China Cgi-ed the whole fireworks during the opening ceremony and all that...and how the whole ceremony looked so orchestrated and how the participants all looked stressed and not happy etc, etc, etc,...We can go on, but the point is...this was by far the most exciting opening ceremony I have ever seen and will ever see...not just me but for generations ahead too...No other country would shell out $40+ billions on an event such as Olympics...but China did, whatever the ulterior motive and against all the comparisonm was definitely spectacular...every show they put on had a surprise factor to it. There were things that you have never imagined seeing done before...the scroll, the painting on the scroll by agile artists, the perfect circles and shapes they formed were all so well done...I could only cry at the effort each of them standing on the ground that day would have put into it. For all you know they had no choice but to do what they did...but please do not take the credit away from them. Each and everyone of them deserve the credit and more from everyone who saw it...

It is not right to sit here in our comfortable A/C houses and offices to ward off saying that China cheated, China did this and that...they put in some effort that no other country could, can, or will so whatever they want to do henceforth...we will wait to see...but lets compliment them for what they is ok to say that someone else has done a better job and it is also okay to try to better them next time and stop trying to find faults...once again all this is my humble opinion and I don't care what anyone else thinks...thanks.

With that said...

Ciao :)

Friday, August 15, 2008


I am waiting for August to end. Personally things are going pretty smooth but then a few of my friends are going through a very rough patch that is hurting me a lot too...You know who you are and my prayers are with everyone of you. I am sure that whatever you all are doing is the best and in the best interest of everyone involved. Be brave and I am sure that everything will be fine...Life has to go on no matter what. If I could, I would really stop the clock go back and set things right so that none of you would have to go through what you are going through now!

On a more friendlier note...things that have been putting a smile on my face...Babbi...yes my she is called Babbi...just shows the transformation of her name as she grows up from being Baboo to Babbi...there are some who call her Babli though...which is also cool...

For the last month and a half my MIL is taking care of her at home. Babbi feeds well, sleeps well and has been growing (brain size) in leaps and bounds...a few of the things she can do before her 10th month birthday...

  • least 6-8 steps without holding anything.
  • Say 'Ba' when she goes looking for her ball.
  • I taught her to say 'tat tat tat tat' when I ask her what does an OWL say...and she repeats it.
  • Say "mam mam mam mam" when hungry
  • Sleep through the night.
  • Show where her head is when asked (08-14-08)
  • Laugh at silly faces I make
  • Play patty cake with me
  • Follow me or either one of us to the bathroom.
  • Play some home made games such as falling backwards on the bed when we say 'Boom.'
  • Play 'Jhoom-Jhoom' on her rocker.
  • Walk around the house talking as if she busy having a conversation with you.
Most of it are courtesy the patience of my MIL who repeated everything a 1000 times just to get her to do them...I don't think I would have the time or the patience to teach them to Sanj...a few of those are because she is bound to naturally do them at some point in life...and a very few of them are mine and mine only!

My college professor, Thirumeni, used to ask me if I started talking when I was 8 months old because I was so talkative...but hey my daughter really started to between her 9th and 10th month birthday...kudos to her!

Oh and one last is Indian Independence Day...Jai Hind...

We have this tradition called breakfast club at work...where one of us bring breakfast for the rest of us in the group once a week and take turns at it. It is really fun! This week it was my fellow-desi colleague's turn and she bought Sambar/Ildi/Green chutney symbolizing the Indian Tiranga. She also stuck the Indian flag in the kitchen and both of us have small Indian flags in our office is so much fun. I also stood up for the national anthem card that this same girl had sent me.

With India winning its first individual gold in the Olympics and all that I am so much more prouder now!

Now that's what I call a long blog!

Go for it India!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I wonder why?!

Sometimes that people have to show off. They have to flaunt how perfect they are by either talking about it all the time or through other means. If you are really so perfect then I am sure that others will make note of it and let you know about it too...Just by repeatedly saying it does not make you any more perfect.

Just thought I will throw it out there!

Another thing, why would you belittle someone efforts when you are not capable of doing it yourself? Does your incapacity make you insecure enough to ridicule other's work?

Such people just make me crack up!!! I am sorry but you really need to get a life know what I mean!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fun Times...

Fun times are when I bash actors and welcome to episode 2!!! Ya like I promised it is Abhishek Bachchan...ya AB's very own useless flab-filled baby.

First off dude is born with a silver he also belongs to the so-called "first family of Bollywood..." ya right, first family my foot...that will be another blog ok...for now lets focus on chubby baby here...

Fatso started off with a pakao movie "Refugee," where for the first time in the history of Indian movies the heroine got the cake and walked away with it leaving our looser Motu standing alone...but he did not give up...we should all give credit to his perseverance because he went on to do a dozen or so movies that did not see anyone visiting the theaters for and the producers started to cry...but they could not do much about it because dumbass is AB's who would want to get on the wrong side of AB other than SRK of course!!! finally Yuva happened...ya, our very own Mani Ratnam decided to cast flabby-dabby for the role of Lallan...he really suited the role...he was fat, ugly, and I guess that helped carry the part naturally...and he won a film fare award too... is my logic, if you gave a monkey as many chances as you did with Paunchy-Taunchy here, I am sure it also will learn to act and what is worse is that it will act better than "Mr. Can't shake my leg..."

After Yuva, again...he did a string of boring movies and was lost in the shadows of John Abraham and Hrithik Roshan in The Dhooms...was fighting to get footage in Sarkar against his dad and Kay Kay and then finally making Ramu a family friend got himself a better part in the sequel...Not to forget his special appearances in several movies, which seems to be the norm of the day...probably he should just be called a "Specialist in Special Appearances" actor...

He got lost in Bluffmaster and Dus with others doing a better job than him...and the only reason you noticed him was because of his height and his oodles of fat...and last but definitely not the favorites...GURU!!! For those who liked the movie...sorry...I am really sorry...what a pakao story that was...I should say though...the last part of the movie where he had to look fat with a potbelly and all that...well, that suited him the best...they should probably give national award for that...he carried it off like he did it everyday...oh! wait! It is Abhi we are talking about...sorry...he does carry a potbelly...

What is both hubby and wifey (ASH) who will be one of my future targets are all set to hug, cry, and fight together on screen and make our lives more miserable and torture us...Probably I should just stop watching Hindi movies in which they cast the entire Bachchan Family together...CLAUSTROPHOBIC!

Wait up for my next target...

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Commitments...professional or personal should hold good no matter what!

I helped a friend of mine with her home business once before and then when another chance came up, I jumped up and put in her name and a good word for her with another friend. So things were settled between them, at least I thought so. But this business friend of mine dumped my other friend in the 9th hour.

Now who is shamed? Of course ME!!! The value of my word is lost. I feel so humiliated and hurt and what is worse this girl did not even feel bad about it. I know that she is going through some personal issues but then a commitment is a commitment and you cannot change your own words after the fact...I am very deeply hurt...I don't intend to tell her this personally because of the above mentioned personal issues...but I will never ever recommend her for anything as this simple act just displayed to me her professional courtesy and ethics.

And honestly I cannot use words to describe how horrible I feel towards this other friend who is suffering the consequences of my business friends frivolity. I hope that that things work out fine and everything falls in place...what a guilt trip for me! I hate these things...I guess since I hate being in the same place twice...this will be another reason for me never to recommend friends who do not think like me when it comes to business and work...

Just thought I will throw it out there...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Aamir -the Perfectionist

Really? Seriously...I don't think can you call him a perfectionist if he made duds like Mangal Pandey that was not only a dud because the movie sucked...but for the very fact that the entire movie was based on fiction and folk lore and had no bearing with truth whatsoever...hmm...that makes me wonder...

All his movies were a hit...but how many of them were really close to truth...take for example RDB...he plays a 25 year old...I mean seriously...he does have boyish looks...but not to play a 25 year old! I am sorry his explanation for hanging out with college kids did not sit well with me!!!

How can you be a perfectionist if you make a movie like Raja Hindustani that sucked so badly and sent me to tears not because it had a moving story but for the reason that I could not justifying paying Rs. 75 for the tickets...damn...and wonder what lobbying happens in Bollywood that he won a filmfare award for that...

But then I saw the IIFA awards for 2008...and guess who won the best supporting actor award...Govinda for partner...not Irfan Khan for Life in a Metro, not Vinay Pathak for Bheja Fry...I mean imagine...what acting did Govinda do? I was so mad! So it is no surprise that Khan won the FF award for Raja Hindustani...

Anyway, this is IMHO and I don't really care what you think of him or how much you love him...I think he does not deserve the tag "perfectionist" period!

The next one on my hate list is Abhishek don't even get me started!

What a weekend that was!

Hmm...on second was a simple weekend with very little surprises, some fun, some excitement, and a little bit of sadness...

On Saturday morning Girish and I decided that it was high time we got ourselves updated with technology and pick up a DVR from TWC's was long overdue...say about two years...everytime we wanted to do it we would procrastinate it...but then on Saturday night there was the Rafa Vs. Nole game that G did not want to miss...especially since our friend S had invited us for dinner...G was sitting and fussing about how he was going to miss the game and it was the perfect opportunity for me...grabbed him and threw him into the car with our old cable box...and after about two trips to TWC's office, frustrated, excited...all in one...we had our DVR...up and working!!! YAY! So now it is on full load with Iron Chef America, Food Network Challenges, Tennis, House name it and we have it!!! There is the surprise part for the weekend!

Saturday night was a fun get-together at our friend's S's house...her parents are leaving for India next weekend and so they decided to have all of us over for an amazing time with great food and the best company we could ask for...there was singing, loads of chatting, time pass-ing...etc...good time....and there is the fun part for the weekend!

Then the dreadful tennis game we had recorded on our was sad...seeing Rafa (now No. 1 finally after 158 weeks of No.2) loosing sadly to Nole...I was torn...I hated seeing Rafa loose...but felt happy for Nole...dang! A little sadness there.

Then for the excitement part
...Baboo was in the pool...we lathered her up with loads of Aquaphor and then took her to the pool...she was in her float and the ten minutes or so she spent there...she did not seem too happy...she was a little tensed...but we thoroughly enjoyed exposing her to yet another new thing...

BTW, baboo now says words like Ball, Baa boo, she puts out her tongue everytime G says Wassuppp (like the Budweiser ad), and is ready to repeat anything we say...though it does not come out the same way...but she tries real hard...

And then it was sad...because Nole lost to that is sad...This time I was the past few weeks or rather months...I am getting used to either one of my favorites win the tournaments...but this was a blow to me...I really don't care too much for Roddick I always felt that he was over rated...but he went on to defeat Nole...that is not a good sign...especially not before US Open...I hope I don't have to sit through another of these sad days...

Anyways...just made up the list yest...Rafa, Fed, my preference order...So hopefully one of them makes it to the finals and wins the US Open...BTW now we also have TTC in our house...which me double the tennis fun!!!

Tata till I blog again :)