Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Babs and Stuff

OMG! Where do I start. I don't think I can even finish if I start writing. Our daughter has a mouth! She can talk and talk her way out of things. Here are a few that my lazy brain has managed to retain...

Incident #1

I am driving her to her swim class which she has come to hate after passing Level 1. Level 2 on the other hand totally upset her. She cried everytime I took her into the pool and it was a scene where several mothers stopped by to say tsk tsk to me...So in the car, on our way Babs says, "Amma, I don't want to go."

Me: Why Babs?
B: Because I don't want to.
Me: But Babs, you are too young to make such statements, you should have a reason why you don't want to.
B: Amma, mera tabyat teek nahin hain na, agar aap mujhe lekhe gaye tho mein beemar pad jaaongi.
Me: Babs, you have allergies.
B: Ya, I know, I am beemar.

She ran me on a guilt trip and we landed going to the park and then home.

Incident #2:

Babbi telling some story to her dad, and I start talking to G about something that is adult-world important. Babs looks at me sharply and says, "Amma, main papa se baat kar rahin hun na? Wait for your turn," turns around and continues her talking.

Me to G: Babs just asked me to shut up! G could not stop laughing.

Incident #3:

Babs: Amma, I will tell you Seetha Mata story.
Me: Who told it to you?
B: Tanu watches it on her laptop everyday.
Me and G: Ok Tell us.
B: There is Seetha Mata...all Gods are standing on top. Everyone giving Ghaali to Seetha Mata. Then the bad man comes and Seetha Mata tells him "Aye, ye kya hai?"

G and I start laughing. We could not hold it any longer. Her big eyes and actions were sooo cute and so animated...

Incident #4

Everytime I go to WM or Target with Babs, right as she gets out of the car, she starts saying, "Amma, please mujhe naya shirt khareedhke dena, Mere paas ek bhi new nahin hai."

She is going to be three and already the paisa vasool has started.

Incident #5

Me: Babs, if you are going to behave like a bad girl, we will have to return you in Target.
Babs: Amma, please don't return me, return papa instead.
Me: Why do you want to return papa?
Babs: Because woh mujhe hamesha thang karata hai!
Me: Babs to return Papa we have to go to Dollar Store! :)

I love how much she has learnt and how fast...we enjoy our conversations and she actually helps me out while we shop for clothes and stuff. The other day I was in the salon getting my hair trimmed with clips all over and she gave me a long look and then said, "Amma, you are looking cute." Honestly half these dialog's we have are always in Hindi, it is just easier to write it in English :).

Love you both always and forever.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Tennis, Tennis, Tennis!

So this year I dont think I have written much about tennis at all. You know how much I love that sport. So anyway, first of all, I was super disappointed with Rafa for doing this video. Not because I am in love with him like my friends thought but more because I was just sad that Rafa, a legend in making did a video with Shakira. Whatever. Anyways...moving ahead.

Last night, I was hoping that Rafa and Feliciano Lopez will have a fun game like Ferrer and Verdasco's fighting five setter but it ended rather easily for Rafa. BTW, Verdasco, HOT or what!! Seriously! Something with all the Spanish players! All of them are super Cute!!!

So hopefully this year, Rafa will at least see inside the finals. But who knows, this is one slam which has evaded him. But with serves ranging over 130mph we will never know until the weekend!!! And I cannot wait. Yesterday I prayed to GOD, I should loose 5 lbs and Rafa should win US Open. Both are feats that have never been achieved...

Off late, G has been complaining that I am not watching as much tennis as I used to before. I get very excited before the game and just as the game starts I fall asleep. I was super mad and had to remind him that in US Open most of the good matches start after 9.00pm. By 10.00pm my battery is completely down nowadays. Pre-Babs days I tried to see all the matches but now if I see a Rafa and a Roger game I am happy and thank my stars.

And did anof you notice the RAFA tennis shoes? Are they not super cool? Of course you cannot wear it with jeans!!! But they are awesomest, especially since they say RAFA at the back. Me wants!

With that image to lust on I bid adieu saying VAMOS!!!


PS: Remember those white canvas shoes that we used to wear in India with white uniform? It said Tennis Tennis Tennis at the back? I miss those shoes, growing up they were my epitome for sports shoes other than brown NorthStars (Hand me down from my brothers). Now let us compare the first shoe image below with the one above! We have come very far!