Thursday, January 13, 2011

Its the Harvest Time Once Again!


I had written this post four years ago. I was trying to dig it out from archives and felt that I had written this only last year. But I had to go way back to actually find it. Time sure flew between then and now! I guess having a baby makes a whole lot of difference.

So anyways, this morning as I was getting Babbi ready for her school, in other words, me fighting with her to make her finish her breakfast, I told her the story of what her Amma would have done had she been in India. She nodded her head and I really do not think the story registered but eventually it will. Starting next year I am going to light up a fire in my fire place and burn a few useless things to let her get the significance of that part of me and where we come from.

How I miss my Tamilnadu and my growing up days...sigh!

Happy Pongal, Lodhi, Sankaranthi!!


Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Who really Hates it?

The 'it' I am referring to here is Shopping! *Dirty Minds*

So yesterday I had the day off at work while the daughter had to go to school. The first ever in my life where I had the chance to spend a whole day with myself. As I stepped into Galleria I felt super guilty. I heard kid noises and my heart missed a beat as I walked past the play area. I had to keep reminding myself that once every three years I should get a day off for myself. And that I was doing nothing wrong. Absolutely nothing. No no, this is not a mommy-guilt post but a post about why I dislike to shop.

The reasons are two fold:

1) Funding
2) Fit

As I walked past the mall I realized that either I liked something that looked good on the mannequin but ghastly on me. Or something fit me beautifully but I dare not look at the tag Or the tag was fine but the fit was ugly.

Hell ya! I hate shopping. The rare chances when I actually walk out of mall carrying more than two bags filled with goodies happens once in a year and even during those chances I land up returning at least a couple of things after trying them out at home. And if I do walk out of the mall carrying three heavy bags, like yesterday, two of them are for my daughter and family. How sad is that? No wonder I hate it.

Were I to possess unlimited funding and the perfect figure for the season then of course I would be a shopaholic too and enjoy it. Or had I at least had the figure that always finds the clothes in the clearance section and carry it off at $2 a piece then hell ya, I would like shopping...But alas, mine is the story of sour grapes! I get super mad that there are so many deals in the world and yet not one of them for me...and ergo hate shopping...I actually get a headache if I spend more than 20 minutes in a mall without finding something for me. So nowadays I walk myself to the kiddie play area with Babs or go shopping for her...

To all of you who love shopping and actually walk out with stuff from the store...Kudos to you while I burn in jesty jealousy.

Next time I go shopping I probably to should G's credit card!


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