Thursday, August 30, 2007

Now I have no excuse for not writing for the last two weeks...Manjesh today reminded me that I am becoming a lazy bum by writing a comment on my last here is my update...

Everything is is at least...we got our new bedroom furniture two weeks ago but I have not loaded it with anything yet...we got the bed, a dresser with mirror, a chest, and a nightstand. All the shelves in the chest and nightstand are empty and two shelves in the dresser is filled with my junk jewelery and some important documents. I managed to do the arduous task of lining all the shelves with contact paper only to see that they are already bubbling out on me...after all I guess what Girish told me about how useless they were are all true...anyways, at least now my bedroom looks like a bedroom.

For the bed we bought a new comforter set...probably the most expensive piece of fabric in our house apart from the pattu (silk) saree's I have...the set came with pillows, pillow covers and a beautiful comforter...Now the problem is, I have three rows of HUGE row, one Medium size row, and finally the small throw pillows...and none of these pillows are comfortable for both me and Giri...Every night we go through the process of arranging the pillows on the ground and using our usual pillows and in the mornings organizing the pillows back to make the bed look nice...I wonder why some people go through the trouble and I am really interested to see how long Giri and I are going to do this too...

Wondering why we bought bedroom furniture for us and nothing for the baby? Well my rakhi brother and his wife are giving us their daughter's crib and travel system. So Girish and I decided that if we bought a chest and other storage for the room, we can easily use it for the child now and when it is big use them for ourselves. Plus the baby is going to room with us in its crib (hopefully) so we cannot afford to have too many shelving...and this seemed to be the most logical/practical solution. I would rather do something sensible than stupid and useless.

Baby status: 34 weeks now!!! yay! I have another 5 weeks to go...give or take a week...exciting! I am glad that I still do not have too many pregnancy issues and the only concern is that my baby might be breach...the doc told me today that I can get another ultrasound in two weeks to confirm the position of the baby...pray that it is headside down so that I don't have to go through the turmoil of a C-Section!

I am still partying. I don't think anything is going to stop me (hopefully not...touch wood)! We had Shahid's birthday party on August 18th and then Malcolm's birthday party on August 25th...and I was there till the end on both...although I had to pull Girish out in Shahid's around 5.00am...I managed to have fun at both! So kudos to me...

Hopefully, I wont be subjected to too much stress in the next few days/weeks and that the last few days before my delivery are as fun as the rest of the pregnancy was!

Tchao till next time and thanks Manjesh once again for motivating me to write...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chain Kuli Ki Main Kuli (2007) - Hindi Movie Review

Ranking: 4/5

Cast: Rahul Bose, Zain Khan
Director: Kittu Salooja

It is a fairy of those dream come true plots and certainly leaves you with a very good after taste. The story revolves around Karan (Zain) who is an orphan living in an orphanage run by a very mean and shrewd man. Karan is an ardent Kapil Dev fan and gets all his information from one of the supervisors in his orphanage. Karan himself has never met Kapil or even played much cricket himself.

One day when the orphanage receives a donation package in which Karan finds a cricket bat with the inscription KD1986 which he assumes belonged to Kapil Dev and was used in the 1986 world cup that India had won...He believes that it is his magic bat...but just as all good things need to have a bad counterpart, there is another boy in the orphanage who hates Karan and is hell bent upon stealing his bat and hurting Karan.

On the Indian cricket front the team is not performing well at all and is on a loosing streak. The team coach on his way home gets his car glass smashed by a ball hit by Karan with his magic bat. Surprised that Karan actually hit such a high shot the coach investigates and to his joy finds that Karan can take on any bowler with his magic bat. Karan is added to the Indian team and finds himself rooming with the captain of the team Varun (Rahul Bose).

Now Varun looks at Karan as a pest and tries to keep himself away from Karan as much as possible...but as days go by Varun and Karan solidify a bond...and the rest of the movie is about Karan loosing his bat to his nemesis and the bond formed between Varun and Karan, and how Karan helps Varun overcome his family problems...

A very simple story with beautiful narration where the magic behind the bat is just a metaphor. Amazing performances by all the central characters and there is not an overdose of drama. This movie is totally worth watching at least once. Wonder why the Indian audience do not give off beat films like these a chance!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Partner (2007) - Hindi Movie Review

Ranking: 2/5

Cast: Salman, Govinda, Katrina Kaif, Lara Dutta
Director: David Dhawan
Music: Sajid-Wajid

This movie is a scene-by-scene copy of the English movie Hitch! If you have seen Hitch then there is a good chance that you might not enjoy it. Also I guess you need to be in the silly mood to like this movie or laugh at any of the jokes in the movie...because me, and all my friends who were at the theater found the movie nothing but annoying while a there were a whole bunch of people who got good laughs from it...I enjoy good jokes but somehow felt that this movie was trying really hard to get laughs out of you and Govinda was a tad too loud and somethings were just annoying!

Prem (Sallu) is a love consultant...if you like someone and you are not sure how to approach the person then Prem will be the one to help you...Bhasker (Govinda) hears about Prem and approaches him to get help in his relationship department as he wants to score points with Priya (Katrina) who owns the company he works in.

Prem decides that Bhasker is aiming too high and starts to avoid him but Bhasker becomes a pest and literally starts living in with Prem. Prem under compulsion starts helping out Bhasker and also finds a love for himself in Naina (Lara).

The movie ends abruptly after meandering through boring dialogues and sentiments once Prem and Naina are united and Bhasker and Priya are also united in matrimony...

Seriously you need to either be drunk, or have tremendous patience, or be in plain silly mood to enjoy this flick...but the music is really foot tapping and the songs are good in parties...I will definitely recommend you to watch this movie if you have absolutely nothing better to do...

Chak De! India (2007) - Hindi Movie Review

Ranking: 3.75/5

Cast: SRK
Director: Shimit Amin
Music: Salim and Sulaiman Merchant

There are so many western movies that have made it big in America. There is a movie like this for every sport and every competitive event...typically the team or person will not be good enough to do anything but then with adequate training and motivational dialogues they will surprise the world with their achievement. Chak De India! also follows the same route without digressing one bit.

The story is about Kabir Khan (SRK) a dethroned captain of erstwhile Indian Hockey team that lost to Pakistan during world cup finals. Kabir not only gets shunned for his decision to take the penalty goal himself but is also alleged to have let Pakistan take the cup home thus giving him the title of a traitor.

Shying away from his life Kabir moves out of his home and hometown only to come back to Delhi wanting to coach the miserably failing Indian women's hockey team. He is confident that he can absolve himself from the past in which he was wrongly accused. With lot of reluctance the selection committee accepts his employment and Kabir is on the ground waiting for the team to come in.

The taskmaster that he is Kabir starts out by trying to nationally integrate the team and train them day and night for the World Cup in Australia. He makes a lot of enemies inside the team and also within the selection committee...but the story ends showing us how he overcomes all the hurdles and difficulties that he is posed with.

It is certainly a run of the mill story but not one bit boring. SRK's histrionics in the movie without him spreading his hands and falling to the ground singing romantic songs can be well appreciated. He keeps you convinced about his conviction and all the hockey match sequences are really well charted out and interesting. Not as gripping as Lagaan but definitely worth watching it once. The sketches of various team members are also portrayed very efficiently without taking too much time off the main plot.

I saw the movie on a "buy one ticket and get one free day" and saved $5...and if you can do that then the movie is totally worth really does not require a wide screen...but a must watch...

Desamuduru (2007) - Telugu Movie Review

Ranking: 2.75/5

Cast: Allu Arjun, Hansika Motwani
Director: Puri Jagannath
Music: Chakri

First all the good things...beautiful camera work! This film is shot in some of the most beautiful parts of our country...Allu Arjun's toned up physique has to be complimented...he looks really good and has done a good job in the acting arena as well. The music is also good and does not force you to forward the film...

With that said, things I felt could have been done better...the sets...the cave sets looked plastic...
the art director could have worked a bit to make it look more natural. Hansika Motwani looks so much like Bhoomika Chawla and her acting skills are not even worth mentioning. The supposedly Tamil goons Tamil accent is so bad that I am sure Tamilians will take offense for killing their mother tongue. Allu Arjun could do with some voice modulation lessons as he sounds like a girl in many scenes...with a body like that his voice seems like a misfit.

The story is about a young pampered media reporter who gets tugged into a fight with a local warlord. Bala Govinda (Allu Arjun) beats up the son of local goon in public while shooting a undercover video. The goon's son is hurt very badly and the goon is looking for Bala Govinda for revenge. To ensure the safety of Govinda his dad (who is also his boss at work) sends his son of to work on a travel documentary project in the hills of himalaya's.

Govinda playful as he is bumps into a group of sanyasin's and falls in love with Vaishali (Hansika). Unable to get her off his mind he follows her until she professes her love for him and gets released from the Ashram to return to Hyderabad with Govinda...but on his way out he realizes that the same gang of goons who are behind him are also behind Vaishali and Vaishali gets kidnapped by them...

Govinda discovers the truth behind Vaishali's past and also fights to get her back from the goons which forms the later part of the story.

Would I strongly recommend this movie? Nope...but can certainly tell you that you can see it once as an entertainer.

Kireedom (2007) - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 3/5

Cast: Ajith Kumar, Trisha, Raj Kiran, Vivek
Director: A L Vijay
Music: G V Prakash

I remember seeing a movie like this one a few years ago...I don't remember the name of the movie...but it was similar at least in theory. I guess the only thing it did not have was a "star" in the leading role. This movie would probably not have seen the daylight had Ajith not acted in it.

The story is about Shakthivel (Ajith), a carefree but respectful youth who's aim is to become an SI. He is the son of Rajarajan (Raj Kiran), an honest police head constable who is waiting for redemption the day his son becomes a part of the Indian police force. Shakthi and his family live in Trichy and he spends most of his time with friends and having fun in the city. During one such escapade he meets Divya (Trisha) with whom he eventually falls in love.

As things always go smoothly in the first half, Shakthi gets called for an interview and gets selected to go for a personal interview in Chennai for the same. Both Divya's and Shakthi's parents are also excited about their alliance and everything is moving smoothly until Rajarajan messes things up. His diligence gets him in trouble with some local politicians who get him transferred to a very crime filled city.

The entire family moves down and once again Rajarajan's uprightness lands him trouble. He tries to fight singlehandedly with some local goonda's who get angry with him and are ready to kill him until Shakthi sees it and jumps in to save his father's life while hurting the rowdy group real bad. Now it is revenge time but Shakthi has the support from Rajarajan's boss who has been trying to get the rowdy's behind bars or at least punished...

Shakthi's fight with the rowdies make him very famous in the city and his brother in law (Vivek) starts taking advantage of it without Shakthi's knowledge. Shakthi also gets involved in many small fights owing to his friends and other circumstances. The police inspector helping Shakthi misunderstands him and reprimand's Shakthi...Shakthi's job as a cop is under scrutiny and the future of his life is also in a limbo...What happens next? watch the movie!

The movie is very simple...Trisha comes promptly for some songs and dances and nothing else. Vivek's comedy was hardly even funny. Raj Kiran has done the father role well once again after Thavamai Thavamirundhu...I am sure father roles (as that is the only thing he can play at this age and with that face) is something he can get a doctorate for. Saranya as Ajith's mother is so stereotypical...from her days in Nayagan till date her acting prowess has not improved nor has it changed. She is so blah and can cry so easily...B O R I N G...

Ajith looks good...and young and for a change he actually looks fresh. He can still act and he really does not do too much of his "star" stuff other than a few occasional mention of "Thalai" here and there...wonder why he has to do it.

I cannot write much about the music as I forwarded most of it and the direction has nothing special to mention about at all. If you are free and want to watch a movie filled with fights/cries/and melodrama this will be a good choice.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The days are running faster and I have eight weeks to go!!! We are getting some last minute things sorted out and everything else hopefully will fall in place as the big day arrives.

Last weekend my friend delivered her baby girl Ahana, an angel...and I was just telling her that I feel like I am back in school all over again. Remember the days when your friend had finished all her exams and you still had one to go and all you would think is "damnit why isn't mine over yet?" or call your friend to get some tips on writing the last one? Well that's exactly what I am going through. I keep calling this girl to ask her if this is okay or that is okay...

Last week and half was hectic at work...deadlines and pressure to get things done at work...I was stressed out a little and developed some pain in my lower abdomen...I checked all books and online medico sites and everyone told me to call my physician. Which of course I did and guess what...I had to get another ultrasound done and had a intermediate doc visit...Did not like it one bit, freaked out, but then things turned out well...speaking of baby was turned in could not get to see the baby...wahhhhhhh...I tried everything but still the baby would not was sleeping peacefully...awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Also now that I am 32 weeks baby's movement are real strong. Sometimes it hurts and other times it wakes me up...and if you watch closely you can see the baby moving is simply amazing. Right now the baby's position in my tummy aint good...the baby is sleeping parallel to the floor and I am hoping that in the next few weeks he will get to the upside down position. I am getting freaky dreams because of this!

One brilliant thing that happened on Sunday ws Djokovic beating Federer...I always knew that Nole had it in him to take on Feddie...but when he finally did it...I felt sooo happy...All my friends were telling me that he would get to the finals only to get beated by Feddie straight sets...and I kept my tail between my legs...I was not all that confident...but now I am excited...But I am also sure that a defeated Federer is not good news to anyone! So Rafa and Nole watch out...BTW, just for the record...I cannot stand Roddick...or his coach Connors...grrrrrrrrr

What else, what else, what else??? I have tonnes of reviews to write...should be able to catch up with them this week...tonight we are going to see Chak De lets see how that is...Until next week...See y'all!