Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Too much work

hence too less time for blog and all else because after work I have to attend to my babies...of course I am talking about G and you my Babs...

Anyways, since my last post another Pongal came and went and I barely made it on time to celebrate the festival. Of course we were at work!!! But thanks to pre-planning, I made Chakarai Pongal and also Bonda. They were both yummy and got over in just a day. Of course you liked it too, you fed me one spoon and ate one yourself. It was a fun game we played where I made you eat a lot more than I ate.

Apart from that, we go to the mall to beat the sub-zero temps here so that you get to stretch your legs and I get to stretch my purse *wink* *wink*

I have barely cooked this whole new year because I am dropping you to Pinky Aunty's house. I am only hoping that you do not make a habit of it. Because if, on an off day G tries to drop you, you throw a fit and you tear my heart every time you go out the door tear laden.

I think I just lost interest in completing this post so I will close now and will continue at another time...who knows, it might be this afternoon :)


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year Day

My first post in my new format...


To celebrate the start of 2010 your papa and I cooked. He made butter chicken, and I made aloo mutter with jeera rice. Papa also made chicken tikka and I made some yummy dessert with chocolate Mousse.

Then both you and Anya went to sleep at 11.30pm. We the parents sat in the living room and surprisingly sober and welcomed the New Year watching the Ball drop in NYC.

The next day we went to Gaylord Texan to see the Christmas decorations and it was super fun. You were really tired and went to bed early. Your aunt and I did not know what to do after both our wards were asleep at 8 that night. Both the Dad's had a dad's night out and got to see 3 Idiots.

The next day after our time at the play area in WB mall, your aunt and I got to see 3 idiots. And then they headed back home. All three of us were sad.

Papa and I were sad because it marked the end of holiday season and life had to get back to normal once again. You were sad because your favorite uncle, aunt, and cousin were gone and you were stuck with us, yet again.

And as usual while putting you to bed that night, I told you and papa, "it is always going to be just the three of us. Everyone will come and go or we will visit everyone once in a while, but always as guests."

Which is the truth and it is sad :(

Anyways Happy New Years.

PS: Mom liked 3 Idiots a lot.

A New Year

Every new year we all pray for a drastic change, as if life is going to become something new...totally, over night...and then you wake up to realize that everything is same old same old, and our life just goes on...

Change is what we make, what we want to do and how we do it. I want to change so many things about my life. The way things are and how I want them to be.

First off, I am going to change the way I write this blog. From now on this will be a big document for my daughter to read back and see what her amma has been doing...something in the "How I met your Mother" format.

Then, I am still considering moving over to Wordpress.

In personal life too, I want to change the way I do somethings or handle myself in certain situations. This is not like a resolution but more like a self thought out analysis which are leading to the changes. Changing behavior is very difficult but I am going to give it a try. Cause we should be the change we want to see right?

So, until then...