Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Summer Cleaning...

My plans to clean the house took a backseat when compared to my Korean drama. My love for Korean drama has changed into my love for Korea and everything Korean. There are days when I look at my insufferable Samsung phone and still feel happy that I am at least owning one Korean product...similar to what my favorite actors hold in their hand in my favorite shows...I also regret not buying a Korean car...but that is not about to change now...I am just crazy...crazy for Korea. So any how, now I am back to cleaning the house and I made so much space. There is a lot more space available than before but strangely I have not gotten rid of many things, just displaced them and relocated a few. I am slightly freaking out that I might forget where I kept what but that it for the day when I will be searching for something. In the next couple of days, if you do come to my house, ask me to give you a tour of my closets :) I also started a knitting project. I wanted to knit a skirt for Babs but that took a wrong turn and got twice the size of what it needed to be, so I had to undo everything and re-start...should be done before next week took. I hope I get to do some painting too, that is one thing I have not done since Sanjana was born other than random ones here and there. The past long weekend, we vegetated in the house. Babs said something that sounded so like G, "I want to stay at home and relax, don't want to go out." Scared me and G...she also reminded G to take his own dishes away as she was not his servant (something she picked up from me). We also saw Chillar Party together and really liked it, now Babs wants to see it everyday... Today after picking Babs up from school, we waited in the pick up lane at pharmacy when Babs said, "ahhh, chincha." That means ,"ahhh, really" in Korean. And she also said, "ne, majeyo, (yes, that is right)" when I asked her if she did not nap in the noon. Makes me happy that my daughter loves to learn languages as much as I do. Right now, so smitten by Korean (hanguko)... And today when my car showed that it was 99 outside, I know for sure that it is officially summer, a little late but thanks for the most awesomest spring ever. I really hope that in contrast to last year, this summer is beautiful. Hopefully I start blogging and tweeting more often...I need to

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Last year in summer I mentioned to an ex-colleague of mine that I had close to 25 or 30 pairs of shoes and I never wear all of them. This colleague without mincing words said, "I really don't think you have as many pairs. I have never seen you wear anything but these black ones." Which is a lie because I have been complimented by this same person for my different footwear and of course it is all forgotten because I really abused my black heels. They were comfy, easy to find among my shoe mess, and just plain comfy to carry me around for a whole day.

Now that I am relaxing and enjoying my time at home, I decided to clean my shoe rack first. And to my surprise I found out that I have over 40 pairs of shoes including my boots, and sneakers. I am really hoping that this colleague reads my blog so that she can see the photo evidence. The fact that I still don't wear all of them remains to prove that I am a comfort junkie and as much as I like to dress up, I hate being uncomfortable. So the black shoe stays!

Consolidation of the majority shoes/sandals that I own.

My most favorite shoes and sandals. I wear them at any given opportunity.

The snake skin print is my fav stiletto. It rarely hurts but always looks good.
The one next to it in white, was in brand new condition when this photo was shot.
Now I have worn it once and I had owed this pair for a year before I wore it out. 
I am sad...I need help sometimes.

These three are my next most comfy shoes/sandals. I love the turquoise with brown stilettos. 
The light brown one with flower is so comfy that I can wear it for days without complaining.
The strapped heels make me happy.

In love with this Steve Madden that is so comfy but also a wedge. I normally hate
Wedges but this one is not so high and so easy to wear. 

Last but not the least my wedding sandals. They are gold, with gold rhinestones. 
What is not to love about it. I have it worn it so many times that it looks like this now.

Now after all these years I finally organized them into the over the door shoe rack. They sit there easy for me to wear and I am trying my best to wear different shoe each day and not to repeat them. I feel so bad for all the money that I have spent and not using the shoes. It also sucks that there are some sandals that I have never even wore once. I am going to change that this year. Looking forward for a shoe filled year.

I want to thank that ex-colleague of mine for motivating me to clean up the shoe closet and also for giving me a topic to write about.