Tuesday, April 06, 2010


I love my second brother's daughter a lot. Well, thats because I spent 6 months with her while she was still a toddler and I remember all the cute things she has said and done. I remember them sometimes more clearly than my brother or SIL do. It is funny that after two kids and so many years in life we tend to put some fond memories in the back shelf. Which is probably the main reason why I blog now.

For my mom, her entire life was occupied by her three children and nothing else. She devoted her life for us and we are ever grateful for that because of which she remembers our lives so clearly when we were kids. My dad and mom always have tons of stories to tell us. 

Here I am, 32 and sitting at an office while my child is making precious memories and life altering milestones at her baby sitters. When I go home, my mind is cluttered with childwork, housework and chores from everywhere that the memories I form are anything but transient. I even forgot that Babs used to say Gududu for Goodnight 10 months ago until a friend reminded me of it.

Which is why I am still here, using the blog to store my memories of myself, her, and our little world of our very own family. I write all this so that one day she will grow, and I will be there and together we can read about our escapades and laugh over a cup of chai and Parle G biscuits.

So Babs, here is one of those fun things you did the last week when my brother was in town...this happened in our car while you were sitting in the back with your cousins.

Cousin A: Anu Atha (aunt) can I please press the code to access the gate?
Me: Do you know the code?
A: Yes, I do.
Me: Ok say it.
A: it is ****
Me: Wow! Yes it is. 
A: I saw you type it in last time.
Me: You are a smart cookie.
A: Thanks.
Cousin Z: I am a smart cookie too because I knew it too.
Me: Ok, so are you. Both of you are smart cookies.
Babs: I am smart cookie too. 
Me: All three of you are!!
(She has no idea what we are talking about but she hates being left behind while I distribute compliments.)

That was the end of that conversation. We park the car and head to the elevator with me carrying Babs when an old lady enters the elevator.

Old Lady: You are so cute!
Me: Thank you. (to the old lady)
Babs: (with complete attitude in place) I am Smart
Me: What the?
Old Lady: (laughing loudly) I bet you are...I bet you are...

My Sil and I could not stop laughing and we have so far repeated the story to everyone who wants to listen :)

This is one memory that I am sure would have faded into the oblivion if I had not written it down and twenty years from now when I would have to assure you how cute you are or how smart you are, I would not have any reference. But now, here it is :)

I love all my kids...which include both my brother's as well as Girish's brothers children...what would I do without them keeping my life so filled with excitement.


Monday, April 05, 2010

Bro in Da Town!


My brother (your mama/uncle) finally decided to get his butt and his entire family's butt to Dallas after four years of continuous prodding. The last time he visited us was in 2005 and you were no where in the picture. The Akula's landed at DFW on Tuesday at 11.00am. I picked them up around 11.30am and we all had a wonderful lunch at Taj Chaat House. Me and your aunt went and checked out a Montessori school and then came to pick you up for your swim lesson. Your cousins not so patiently waited while you got done with your class and then we headed home to chill and relax.

Next morning we were all up and ready to go at 10.00am but did not get out till 11.00am which got your cousins a bit antsy but you were all relaxed. Then we drove off to Texoma. All the way up there, I was worried that you would freak out once you saw the horse and would not want to ride. I was not confident to ride with you because I was jittery myself and did not want put you under any sort of risk. I was also assuming that Z and A could ride together on a horse which would leave you riding with B mama and me and B atha (aunt) alone on our horses.

When we got there, things got a bit changed. Andy, the horsey guy got you and B mama on a horse, and then he had Z sit with me and A sit with B atha. So, there I was feeling super guilty that I did not take you with me, as you would have easily sat with me and had fun as you are such a sport.

B mama tells me that you sang all your way, one song after another, and kept talking non-stop. B mama was confused at half things you said but he was happy that you were not scared as he was super scared to have his sister's daughter with him and that he might drop her to the ground. Plus it did not help him that his horse (Richard) tried to get to a canter at every chance it got. While my horse, her name was Bunny, was super soft and nice. Z and I had a great time together.

I was also super excited to see that you ran behind A anna to share the horse walk with him and did not want to be left behind. You chased the hens with your cousins and tried to do as much as you can with them.

Then all of us stopped for lunch at the Dam, and it was a perfect day, sun was high up and there was a cool but strong wind. I was really worried about your balance, you fell and stood up and did not stop to worry about it. We went down and played in the water and you were angry that I kept holding you back because I was afraid of the cold and fast running water.

Then of course we were at the mall, shopped, picked up dinner and retired for the night. T.I.R.E.D.

The next day, I had planned to take everyone to the Water Garden's at Ft. Worth. You loved it, your cousins loved it, I stayed up because I am a scared chicken. You did not want to be left alone so B mama came up and took you down with him and you did not want to come up at all. Then we all climbed the staggering walls and you did too, all by yourself, well mostly. When we were done, we went to a B atha's friend's house. The little kid Ahmed, hit you on the head for playing with his toys, and you would not leave my side and cried at the very sight of that kid.

The evening, we were off to play at Adventure landing, you were dancing, playing air hockey, and of course you went Go-Karting with your father. He was not sure, I was and so were you. You had a blast, and when we were watching F1 on Sunday night, you even told me, "jaisa mein papa ke saath racing karthi, waisa uncle kar raha hai," you were pointing to Schumi...

The next morning, we went to the skating rink at the Galleria, of course you wanted to skate too, but the dudes at the skate center told me that you were too small and they would not want to put your tiny self to risk...and my bro did not either, so off, I scooted you away to the play area where all you wanted to do was kiss a small baby. You chased that boy around, I was super mad and then Z had to come and keep you distracted you from that kid.

When we got to lunch at Cici's Pizza, you told me that you wanted a drink, I got you lemonade, you told me that, "this is my adult drink, Cheers." And then when I tried to take a sip off it, you told me, "you have adult drink, I have mine, do not touch mine, please." And also complained about it to B atha.

Then when we were on our way back from the circus, a tired A anna told you to keep quiet for five minutes, but you sang all your way home, non-stop, which forced him to say, "I hate to tell this to you Babbi, but I do not like you." Your aunt and I could not stop laughing. You did not hear him complain, whine, etc, because you were focussed on your songs.

And you did not want them to go on Saturday. You wanted to go to NJ with them, you fought me at the airport and were not happy at all. But like always, you adjusted very soon and had fun grilling and chilling at V aunty's house that night. I was happy to see that you are now a big girl, I can actually let you do your stuff while I chat with my friends.

On Sunday, you went with us for Easter lunch with a few friends and then helped us do some gardening before we headed off to do some grocery at Patel Brothers. For some odd reason you associate grocery shopping with going to Sai Baba Temple. every time we go to Patel Brothers, you cry and fight to be taken to Sai Baba Temple and now G has no choice but to go. Which is rather hilarious, especially if we get stuck for the Aarthi which G tries to avoid at all costs!

There, a loooong weekend came to end for me and you. Thank God that I did not pack it up too tight, the kids got a break, the adults were rested, and everyone got to do what they wanted to do. I loved it, it was one vacation for which I did not need another vacation before I got back to work. I am well rested...unfortunately, all the outdoorsy stuff has put the allergies back into you. I really wish you wont fall sick this time though.

For more fun long weekends to come!

Your Amma!