Friday, February 19, 2016

Viva Mexico!

WOW! I mean seriously WOW! The photo here shows the view to the Pacific from our room. What you cannot see is the bar at the pool, a swim-up bar. It was something I have always wanted to do and as I sat down to grab a bite before heading to our room the bar caught my eye. I was excited to try it out. And the verdict is 100% legit awesome!

When we had planned the trip to Mexico we had other things in our mind but as things go plans changed and a few people dropped out of the trip. Still 19 of us were there together taking in the splendor of nature and resort beauty. I say resort beauty because we ventured outside the safe confines of the resort only once in the whole trip.

7 of us were on our flight to Puerto Vallarta for a 4 day trip, the rest of the gang was joining us a day later. The resort promised us all inclusive drinks and food and we could not be more excited at the prospect of having a drink on our hand when we stretched it out. We were ready, sunglasses, beach sandals, dresses, swim suits and with a smile grin on our faces we got to the resort. The views were breathtaking from the get go, the hot sun meant loosing our jeans and jackets in our hotel rooms and getting into comfy beach wear. We spent every waking minute either by the beach or by the pool. We relaxed to the sound of ocean waves breaking the beaches and the sun gently adding a tan to our already tanned skin. While the white people on the resort property were running away from the umbrellas all the Indians were busy trying to find the shade...

The first night we were there they had a beach party. Buffet and unlimited drinks with live music and a show. We could not find a table for the 7 of us to sit together. My girlfriend and her husband, Babs, and I shared a table together with a few Americans and Canadians while G sat with his parents. We got very friendly with the Canadian sisters next to us who warned us of the potency of the alcohol in Mexico. We smiled thinking in our heads...we are young, we can handle these things...until we got got slightly sick. That night we created memories and a lot of firsts for me and our husbands supported us...well, literally.

When the rest of the crowd came in, the children were uncontrollable. We barely saw them, they were soaking in the sun and the water and started looking like fish. They also started enjoying the benefits of the swim-up bar. The beach was just a few steps away and the kids kept going in from one waterbody to the other. They also added in a bit of the warm tub to get a bit comfy.

The morning breakfast, the drinks by the pool, the drinks in the pool, snacking by the beach, coffee at noon or night were a few things that made it a perfect vacation. I loved the long walks by the beach with friends and mother-in-law. The waves gently wet our feet while the sun and wind controlled our body and hair. The open skies, the boy selling tender coconut, the chatting, the exploring of ocean side Vallarta's all felt so relaxing.

We also spent half a day going into the city and doing the necessary touristy thing of walking by the beach on the boardwalk, shopping souvenirs and taking lots of photos. The board walk reminded me of Besant Nagar Beach and Pondicherry a lot. I was happy to go back the familiar smell of the ocean, the Bay of Bengal that I love so fondly, I remembered the times with my best friend by the beach.  I have blogged about a couple but there were millions. I miss my teen and pre-teen years every time I am by the ocean.

G and I always take vacations where we are up at sun rise and rushing out to go visit places one after the other, ticking off landmarks as we go through them in a hurry and then head back to the hotel close to mid night totally wiped out of any energy. This vacation was different. We parked our rear ends in one place and stuck it there till we absolutely had to move it. And we did move only because something more relaxing or fun was happening. We walked around the beach in darkness, we sat by the ocean and chatted with family, we had long discussions that went into the was nice to be there with friends and family. Alone...might have gotten a bit boring...I think.

This, hopefully is the start of a yearly tradition. A perfect break for us...


Thursday, February 18, 2016


Sometimes you feel like a fool, well at least I did. I did something wrong, nothing wrong to feel terrible about, just a tad guilty. I thought I was doing something that I should have told everyone but I I chose not to for reasons only known to me. I thought I was depriving my friend of information and could not muster up my face to see her.

...Few years down the road...I realize that my friend also kept the same secret away from me. She knew and hid it from me and I was wasting my energy feeling guilty while I was being duped...Face Palm moment.

So now that I am guilt free...well, sort feels better and I do not feel bad that I am not friends with that person any more :)

Life is unique and there are so many twists and turns...friends today can become acquaintances tomorrow. I am getting more and more guarded with people around me. I feel that I have been hurt too many times and may have hurt others too in the process. I am starting to tread gently for my sake as well as others...

Guilt Free