Thursday, February 18, 2016


Sometimes you feel like a fool, well at least I did. I did something wrong, nothing wrong to feel terrible about, just a tad guilty. I thought I was doing something that I should have told everyone but I I chose not to for reasons only known to me. I thought I was depriving my friend of information and could not muster up my face to see her.

...Few years down the road...I realize that my friend also kept the same secret away from me. She knew and hid it from me and I was wasting my energy feeling guilty while I was being duped...Face Palm moment.

So now that I am guilt free...well, sort feels better and I do not feel bad that I am not friends with that person any more :)

Life is unique and there are so many twists and turns...friends today can become acquaintances tomorrow. I am getting more and more guarded with people around me. I feel that I have been hurt too many times and may have hurt others too in the process. I am starting to tread gently for my sake as well as others...

Guilt Free

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