Friday, February 27, 2009

One More Friday

As yet another weekend looms and the weather turns sour once again I am thinking of so many things. My mind is so clogged up right now that I cannot think straight or even sleep. Last night when I went to bed my heart was racing and this morning I told G I can feel how it is to have your heart race. It is a weird feeling and actually scary. And to which he promptly replied, "your heart raced for a reason, my races for no reason." Which put me to back into reality...

Quick Notes:
  • To Mr/Ms/Mrs/whoever-you-are Annonymous who commented on my last blog. Please feel to stay away if you have to. I did not ask you to visit my e-mail. Politeness and courtesy is a virtue and obviously you do not have it. I probably should not qualify your comment with a reply but I choose LOVE and not hate just like ARR. So lotsa love to you but try and be friendly around here. Thanks
  • I am very eagerly waiting to see Summer around here. I know 110 deg is not fun but it is better than 20 deg...So Spring/summer whatever you are...come fastttttttttttttt.
  • I am hating things happening in India, especially Karnataka and Andhra in terms of women's rights. What the hell people grow up.
  • I am trying to diet and failing miserably.
  • My daughter eats well at her baby sitter and hardly eats with me. Plus she beats me.
  • Right now I am slightly irritated but will be fine in a bit.
  • I love pickle in spite of it giving me boils in/on my nose.
  • I love Chai. More with Parle G biscut or Britannia Milk Bikis.
  • I saw Kuselan and Billu Barber within two weeks. Sorry but Kuselan way better than Billu. Though I wont compare SRK or Rajni, both are awesome.
  • I am in the process of seeing Luck By Chance. Farhan is good.
  • I want to travel. Lack of funds so staying put.
  • Why do they sell Easter stuff in Feb? When Easter is not until March? I bought Easter gift for my friend's daughter thinking it is Easter already. How am I to know...ya I am ignorant! Sorry.
  • How come a Spaniard or an Italian or a French speaking bad English with bad pronunciation is considered cute but my Indian-English accent called bad English? Shouldn't it just be a dialect like how American English is or Australian English is? Who gives anyone the authority to say what accent is correct?
  • Are people correcting you while you speak thereby cutting your flow of thought rude or is it okay? I am sure I have done it too but nowadays I am trying to control my urge but I absolutely hate to be corrected unless it is done in a artful way.
  • Why do women over-analyze? Or do men do it too?
If I remember anything else I will keep adding to this list.

BTW, before I leave, do I make my blog a social blog? A blog that addresses all the social problems in the world and is a part of all the clubs related to them? Or just let it be what it is about me, my life, my thoughts, and me boring or entertaining you? Let me know. Whatever you say will help me make up my mind.

I will try and blog back sooner thant his time...and Annonymously rude person, if you are so funny, how about leaving your name for us?


Friday, February 13, 2009


It is so easy to postpone writing down something that you wanted to for such a long time. I am sure most of you agree to it. On Monday I checked my facebook page and saw that an old friend of mine had done a status update. I was angry that he did not reply to my one-on-one message but had the time to do a status update. I pinged him and asked why he did not message back and left it at that.

Now some background. This guy and I are friends since our college days, which means almost 15 years now. We know each other so well that we are family friends today. My mom and his mom are very good friends and both our families make it a point to keep in touch with each other a lot. But as always life has kept us in different continents, him in EU and me here in USA. We rarely talk and thanks to FB that I at least know that he is ok and his whereabouts as he travels a lot.

So anyway back to the story, I was angry and hurt that this friend had ignored me especially after I wrote a sob story message. Then randomly (as always) my phone rings. I see it is a phoren call and I answer it wonder who it might be going through a possibility of a 100 friends and guess who it is, it is this guy calling me all the way from Scotland. I know it is not a big deal to you probably but it is to me. The very fact that he felt bad and called me as soon as he saw my message made me feel nice. We chatted for quite sometime and he wondered why I never received his FB response to my message...

It was so nice, to hear my friend after almost a year and to hear how his life has progressed. I was almost in tears of happiness. I guess this is what friendship is all about. You can be thousands of miles away but you can still make me feel better about the way things are heading in my life. Thanks PS for calling me I really appreciate it. I only wish we could talk more often but then probably we would get bored of each other too...hehehe...with me giving you my worldly gyaan and you asking me to shut the eff know the routine...

Other than that, I am looking forward for the weekend. Nothing lined up but just chilling is always fun too...Thamma is in town (as in he is US of A for two weeks) so loads of phone calls with interesting news and gossip...

Tomorrow is V-Day, as usual all the hype makes you want to do something special because there is too much pressure with every one (whether you know them or not) asking you if you have any fun plans. I don't and if you don't and want to do something cool check out Ash's blog or if you want to know what I think about this really, visit my old page here. I always wonder why celebrate your husband/boyfriend/better half/etc on only one day...well I guess Hallmark needs to make money too and all Hallmark investors will agree too...

Anyway will continue this blog Monday as I have to head home now...till then Ciao!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Food Porn...

Ya, that is what we did most of the time this weekend. All our friends grouped up and drove down to Austin to celebrate our friends baby shower. We were about 7 of us from Dallas doing the drive and it was fun. We spoke about a lot of crap on the way and back and while we were there too.

When the baby shower started and guests started trickling in, we felt like the ratio of whom we know to whom we do not know increased we did what we always do best. Form our own clique**. We sat down and started to talk about food. Each of us described our favorite item the best we know and how yummy it would taste and so on and so forth. We were talking about it at so much detail that we all started to feel hungry considering none of us have had breakfast or lunch. Then my friend Rama introduced me to the concept of Food Porn. Well that is precisely what we were doing...

I thought it was funny and had to write it down here...

**The other thing I noticed this weekend while we stayed over at our friend's house was the difficulty to make new friends. There were two other couples and two single guys who had also come down for the shower from different parts of the country to stay with my friends. These guys and us probably had so much in common but for some strange reason we did not go beyond exchanging pleasantries. I do not even know their names and I am sure they also don't know mine. We barely spoke. My husband G and R did not even speak with them. All of us formed groups and did our own things.

I think once we get past a certain age it is very difficult to make new friends especially when people you know so well are already besides you. Probably if you were forced into a situation where you did not know anyone then you might make new friends...

Other things I did this weekend:
  1. Wore a saree once.
  2. Spent time with babs alone at the mall for the first time.
  3. Saw Harold and Kumar Part 2...disgusting.
  4. Went to i Fratelli for dinner, Sunday night...yummyyyy.
  5. Met most of my friends.
  6. I am grumpy most of the time.
  7. Did not cook a single meal other than for babs.
  8. House is still a mess...that should be under things I did not do probably.
Till next update...y'all stay safe :)

Monday, February 02, 2009

And the winner is...

One more history creating, record breaking Australian Open 2009 came to end Sunday early morning and we saw the King shed some tears. He does not realize it probably, but he will always be the KING no matter what Djokovic's mom thought last year. Once again, the better player won and Rafa took the cup home. Under normal circumstances I would have gloated being the only Rafa supporter among many Fed lovers, but then I do not want to disrespect FED for what he is and where he has raised the level of tennis.

It is like this, you cannot enjoy what sweetness is unless you taste bitter and you will not know what good tennis is until you see Fed and Rafa playing. The rest are all just comes-n-go's in Tennis as far as I am concerned right now.

The other day I saw watching Fed play Berdych and after the first set I was telling G, do not feel bad at the way Fed is playing. He is a legend. Nothing can change who is from now on. He will always be the great one. And I compared him with Rome...the great kingdom which went to ruins will always remain in people's mind for what it was and what it stood for. But G would not buy any of it. How could Fed not outwit Berdych...which is of course what happened later that night...

If it was anyone else, we could have easily said...he should be happy, he made it to finals. It is FED. He has won 13 grandslam titles...what is winning one more to him? Should have been easy but it did not happen. And my heart melted for him. As happy as I was about Rafa I did not beat my chest and gloat his victory (not like I won...but it matters whom I support).

I am glad at the results but I am now all ready for the French! If Fed can get better off Rafa in this, I think it will assuage his pain a little :) Until then I will give rest to my tennis posts :)