Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So I guess I am least I will try to bring up the pace slowly. Loads of changes, new good things and a few bad things but in the end life will sort it self out. At least I hope it will!

Today is Valentine's day and I am the only one sitting in the office having lunch all by my own. Everyone has met up with their darling or their friends for lunch. I am very happy about this because I could have my awesome smelling channa all alone not wondering who was going to get offended with the smell!

I am not very fond of the V-Day because I think it is unfair to those who don't have anyone to be with. This is a very segregating day! Think about all guys/gals that we can potentially make sad by leaving them to be on their own while we are with our loved ones! Bad! and I wont be a part of it. If at all I celebrate it I would do so with my friends and family!

I am not going to say do not celebrate V-Day but all I can say is don't make such a big deal out of it. It is just a marketing gimmick and wont you feel bad when you look back at it and see how you have been conned by Hallmark into buying one of those stuffed teddy's or cards? I would! And you should too! If you really want to celebrate it go ahead and make your own card/stuffed toy/cake/etc.

Also why are men under such tremendous pressure about getting somethings for their wives on V-day? Is their entire relationship based on it? That is not fair right? I mean, life is much bigger than giving flowers and cards on V-day. I believe so.

For me spending quality time with my husband watching TV/Cooking/Eating/Chatting/Bickering/etc are more fun than any of the cheesy things in world. Also spending time with my husband and his friends and our family is much more fun than going to dinner and feeling under pressure to celebrate a media created hype!

So by now you guys should have gotten my point! Thanks for reading.



Ascending Dragon said...

I totally agree with what you wrote. It's rather sad that people need a day like Valentine's Day in order to demonstrate (or should that be 'resuscitate'?) their love. But then again, who could surpass the Indians when it comes to love as evidenced by the Taj Mahal and (ahem) the famous book? :)

Anonymous said...

I agree, I feel the same way about B-days as well (not quite to the same extent though).. why all the pressure to celebrate?..and not to forget all the money you spend for the hyped up gifts.

Gosia said...

Hey girl! You have a nice site. I come from Poland, i hope you know where it is :). I am 14, i was checking some sites and i found yours. I read it and i can say that i understand:). You're probably right, V-Day could be painful for those, who are lonely. But i like it, when people find each other and when they're in love. It's quite nice.
If you ever want to talk with me, write on this e-mail:

Megha Bansal said...

i think it's just peer pressure to get ur significant other something and do something...
and i dont know why it's such a big deal if u are single...but the damn day has a weird affect on people...i just lk the color and the fanfare around...i think it's festive :)

Rain said...

yup...peer pressure..and not enuf clarity and maturity to define love...

Anu Russell said...


ya i agree. It is beautiful and festive and all festivals are fun!


Peer pressure sux! Love should not be like this right?


I love bdays but again no pressure for gifts and such...the pleasure of company is all i want.


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