Monday, June 04, 2012

Handle With Care...

There are some people in our life whom we should be able to put inside a brown box, fill it in with a lot of bubble wrap, tape it tightly, and then write the words, "Handle with care." Then we should put the box on the top most, most far away shelf from our reach and pray that it does not fall out, and that you should not have to open its contents again. Worse, should they be broken.

Phew! Did that mentally, feeling relieved now!

They are like the gifts you hate, that you keep away and pray there is a good occasion to re-gift. They are like the things you should have thrown out years ago but keep saving it for the unknown use they will be in the far away future. Each time you see them while you clean you are convinced that it should be thrown out but you hang on...why? I don't know. Or maybe I do know and just do not want to write it down here. I wish I could let go.

Obviously, I have been cleaning my house...sort of summer cleaning...but the above metaphor is so true for people too.

I hear the newly installed wind chime go ting ting heart feels good.

Now the kitchen cleaning should start but I am afraid of the ghosts (and metaphors) I might find inside there.