Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Satham Podadhey (2007) - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 4/5

Cast: Prithviraj, Padmapriya, Nithin Sathya
Director: Vasanth
Music: Y.S. Raja

Vasanth has directed many brilliant movies and one of which I remember is Aasai and then Rhythm. His direction style is very different but captivating. Aasai was a sort of thriller and so is Satham Podadhey.

Bhanu (Padmapriya) is married to Rathnavel (Nithin) through arranged marriage. They lead a happily married life. Bhanu is eager to become a mother but to her dismay both she and her husband do not share any physical relationship. Rathnavel hides from his wife that he belongs to Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and due to severe drinking problems has lost his potency as well as having been jailed for murdering a child. When Bhanu discovers the truth about his impotency she confronts him and agrees to continue living with him if he would choose to adopt a child.

Rathnavel high on ego fights with Bhanu and attempts a fake suicide and sends the child back to the orphanage. Bhanu later hears from Rathnavel's AA leader about his other problems and tries to escape from him but she gets physically abused. On escaping to her parents she files for divorce and moves in with her brother (Raghav) to experience a change of place.

There she meets Ravichandran a friend of Raghav who does many things to impress her and finally convinces her to marry him. They live very happily until Ravi meets Rathnavel in the train on their way to Cochin. Rathnavel now lives in Cochin working as a hockey coach in a school. On knowing Ravi's relationship to Bhanu, Rathnavel befriends Ravi and slowly tries to create trouble...

He then kidnaps Bhanu and locks her up in his house making her his prisoner. How Bhanu gets help and gets freed forms the rest of the movie.

The movie is well directed, gripping, with amazing performance from each of the character. A real pleasure to watch a movie with no gore and fights. Not a perfect watch on a romantic evening but any other time it will be a good entertainer.

Om Shanti Om (2007) - Hindi Movie Review

Ranking: 3/5

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Rampal
Director: Farah Khan
Music: Vishal Shekar

Om (Shahrukh 1) is a small time extra trying to make it to the big league. His best friend Pappu Master (Shreyas) keeps encouraging Om and they both keep dreaming big all the time. Om's mother is an yester year extra who is also hoping for her son to make it big soon...But Om is in love with Shanti (Deepika) and hopes to one day marry her.

Om and Shanti work in the same movie and Om happens to save her from fire while the set catches on fire and no one dares to enter it to help her out. Shanti develops a soft corner for Om and they become friends. One day Om decides to talk to Shanti and follows her while she goes to get her make up done and finds out that Shanti is actually having an affair with Mukesh Mehra (Arjun Rampal), a big name producer. He also over hears that she is pregnant and that Mukesh is not willing to take responsibility for it yet. Om is devastated.

Mukesh has other plans for Shanti who is pestering for commitment or exposure. He lures her for a fun evening and at the end of which he murders her. Om who also happens to be around is half-dead trying to save her life. In the end though Om meets a tragic death in a car accident. One Om dies in the hospital while another cries his way into the earth...A new child also named Om Kapur is born into the household of a wealthy well established actor...and here begins the story of deja vu and revenge...

The movie starts of as being a spoof, and then it slowly tries to get serious. It is as if the director wanted to do a spoof and half way through she wanted to be taken seriously and then ends abruptly with a very cliched ending which I am not sure is a spoof or not. The spoof parts of the movie are definitely funny. While the serious parts are a definite nag! The songs are good and well choreographed but the one with 31 actors is a bit too long and after sometime lost its lusture...at least for me. It is certainly a family entertainer and everyone will have a good laugh but it can get boring, especially if you are not a die hard Shahrukh fan.

Sawariyaa (2007) - Hindi Movie Review

Ranking: 1/5

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Salman K, Rani M
Director: SL Bhansali
Music: Monty Sharma

What a bore? A blue set with fake trains, fake water, bridges and two dimensional buildings calling itself a combination of Victorian as well as Saracen Architecture is absolutely a farce in the name of art.

I did not know how depressing the color blue can actually be made to look...Can you imagine a city filled with prostitutes but no clients? It is a deserted city with just a few inhabitants who go to the club. If they are not the club-goers then they are prostitutes. Yes that is how desolate the city is...

Anyhoo, Raj (Ranbir) is a lead singer in the local club called RK. He befriends a prostitute Gulabji (Rani) and lives in a house rented to him by an old lady. One day he sees a lone girl standing on a bridge and chooses to follow her and later befriend her. She is Sakina (Sonam) who lives with her blind mother with eternal supposed sadness in her eye with a hint of a smile on her lips (so the director and the actress themselves claimed in their interviews).

Raj falls in love with Sakina but when he professes his love for him she tells him about Imaan (Sallu) for whom she has been waiting for a year. And for whom she was waiting on the bridge and will continue to do so till he returns. Raj being adamant convinces her to fall in love with him...just when she is about to accept it...fate plays a cruel game...

The cruel game was fate making me watch this movie! Dang! I will never again commit such stupidity! This movie is slow, boring, presumptuous, dull, etc. etc. etc. I would not suggest even my worst enemy (not that I have any) to watch this movie!

Jab We Met (2007) - Hindi Movie Review

Ranking: 4/5

Cast: Kareena Kapoor, Shahid Kapur
Director: Imtiaz Ali
Music: Pritam

Aditya Kashyap aka Adi (Shahid) is a rich kid from a broken family on whose shoulder the family business now rests on since his father passed away. Adi is frustrated with his life as his girlfriend dumps him and his mother is filing a law suit against the company that he decides to commit suicide and starts wandering aimlessly. No idea of where is going or what he wants to do he gets onto a train bound to Batinda. As luck would have it he bumps into the talkative and over friendly Geet (Kareena) who bails him out from the ticket collector and chats him up.

Adi alights the train in the middle of nowhere and Geet follows him to get him back on...in the event both of them miss the train and now Geet tells Adi that it is his responsibility to drop her off at her parents house and Adi takes up the journey. He is also captivated by her open kindheartedness, friendliness, talkative nature. Adi on taking Geet to her house agrees to spend a few days with her family and learns that Geet is getting engaged to her family friend's son. But Geet has other plans and wants to elope and marry her boyfriend who lives in Kulu. Adi agrees to take her to Kulu before heading back to Mumbai to take care of his family business.

On returning back to Mumbai and becoming successful at his business with Geet's inspiration Adi meets Geet's parents who are at his doorstep wondering where Geet is. It is then that Adi realizes that something is wrong with Geet and decides to go back to Kulu to check and see if everything is okay...and the story continues to end blissfully...

It is definitely a family entertainer and is funny in most parts. Both Shahid as well as Kareena have done an amazing job portraying their characters in the movie. It is really fun to watch Kareena jibber jabber throughout the movie...and Shahid's composed reponse to her. Good watch and certainly not boring though you know from the very beginning how this movie is going to end!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Babies do not hold your finger tight because they like to hold something...but they do so only because they only know to have a closed fist for the first few days...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Babies spend the first few months developing and practising all the expressions that they will use for the rest of their life!

Sanjana spends most of her waking time smiling, smirking, showing expressions of doubt, anger, smart alec-ness, and so on. I amvery positive that she has no idea that she is not doing any of these consciously...it is her uncontrolled muscle movements. But you will have to see it to belive me when I tell you that it is really cute!!!

Baby is growing and she is going to be a month in a couple of days and she is already four weeks old and now weighing at 8 pounds...so she has already added 22 ounces in 29 days...it's all good.

Sanjana has been out for one outing so far and that was for a Diwali dinner at a friends place. She is all darling when she is among people and no one believes us that she keeps us up till one or two every other night crying all the time...but then all babies go through cranky time and Sanjana is cranky only for a max of two hours a day and all at one time. The rest of the day she is a darling!!!

Right now she is taking a nap and it is sooo beautiful to watch her sleep...so let me go and do that while y'all leave me some comments :)