Tuesday, September 15, 2015

오랜만이다 (orenmanida)!!! (Long Time!)

Yup, feels like forever since I wrote some words here. This space is my relief, my very own where I write very censored stuff. Glad that I stop myself from writing what I really feel. Imagine all those thoughts running amuck in my blog.

Since the last time, I have finished another of my yearly EU trips, went to Paris (the default), Normandy, Mont St. Michel, Athens, Santorini, Koln, Alsbach, So many beautiful places where I could just sit and do nothing but had to hustle because we were on a tourism trip. First time to these places means that you have to see things, second time is when you sit down to enjoy the coffee :) Which is precisely what we did in Paris. The husband and I took long walks had leisure coffee while watching the French hustle past us. Santorini was the most beautiful place I have seen thus far, the color of the sky reflecting the color of the Mediterranean with the stark white buildings. I could stare outside forever. I loved Mont St. Michel, it reminded me of walking into a fairytale castle. I felt like a princess as I climbed up the cobblestone steps to go to the church. The ocean on one side and the land on the other, I did not want to leave.

And then Babs started school, she is growing me up and pushing me to do things I never thought I would. Thankfully she has a wonderful teacher in school and her everyday is easy. Work front has gotten crazy busy and tons of hours are being poured into work and away from home. Some part of it is actually fun and some part is not. Life is like that I guess, you cannot get the fun without the not-so-fun.

During all the work and school craziness parents came in. Them just being at home is so relaxing. Not much needs to be said or done but they know to say and do the right things without being prompted. Weekends are running by, and Djoko won US Open and Rafa is not in the radar. I feel bad for Rafa and for Fed. This is precisely how thoughts are running in my head now. One thing after another with no correlation to what was just said a few minutes ago.

I am trying to learn the art of keeping things in my head and not say it through my mouth but I need to control a bit more. I still say things that I really should say but for the sake of diplomacy should have shut up. But sometimes, things just need to be said.

Oh well. I wish I could blog more and write about Bahubali that I saw. Or just say about the fun things I did on my trip but mind is clouded with work associated stuff that I am unable to see past the fog. When things clear up, I will try to get some photos up here.

Till then,

안녕히 계세요 (annyeonghi kyeseyo) (Good bye)

Cheerful Art.

PS: Watching Goddess of Marriage - my current Korean addition!