Friday, March 30, 2012


Shot this photo using my Samsung S2 Skyrocket during our hike at Brazos Bend State Park near Houston. Below the tree is Elm Lake filled with Alligator's, fishes, turtles, and other swampy stuff. It was an interesting hike!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


The word unabashed is described as someone who is shameless.

In our daily life we walk past a lot of people who are super annoying and shamelessly draw attention to them self. These people when in close contact ruin your day for you. As much as you try it is difficult to keep them away. I know of one person who is unabashed and annoying. This person is the kind who will "fall into poop but come out smelling like a rose (as said by Megha)." They are the ones that make everything about themselves. And then they frustrate me into wasting precious words to make a post about them...see somehow it is always about them.

But without your existence my life would be boring...and for that I thank you!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I Read...

I love to read a lot. There are times I am reading product instruction labels because when I am free I want to be reading something stimulating. I can pretty much read anything and form an opinion real quick. I read a lot of blogs online. Some blogs I love to read, some I love to hate and read, some I read because I am curious. I am through the process trying to know the person behind the hidden blog names and forming an idea of what they are. Some people intimidate me, some people make me feel welcomed and some make me laugh (in a good or a bad way). There are whiners, there are whimsies, there are the doers and then there are the pathetics. Of course, all this is my opinion and what I think of them and what I understand from their portrayal of themselves. I am sure you as a reader also have an opinion about me which is not always what I think of myself to be.

When I read the whiner blogs I snicker at them. I wonder why they cannot be happy with what they have and stop blogging. But if they stopped blogging then I would get bored without anyone to snicker upon.

Then I read the doers, the go-getters and I look at myself and I snicker at myself. How come I cannot do something like that, why am I stalled. They make me look within me, make me react and see what I would have done.

Then there are the whimsies, which make me feel at home. They are like me. I write because I want to and I write anything from fluff to family life but nothing that will change the world. No one will gain any knowledge or get enlightened reading my blog but it might make you happy (??) or sad depending on what we the Whimsies write.

Finally, the pathetics. This is the group that I love to hate. As my friend pointed it out to me today, they take the most inane stuff and make a post out of it. While the rest of the world is living life they are thinking about writing a post on something useless to make it look unusual. It is a talent, I give it to you but it is also so annoying. Post after post writing about your own awesome self and awesome life. They take the reality out of life. Yet, you need them to remind you that you are more grounder and also some more links to read and satisfy your craving to read...

So there, this is what I feel and this is how I categorize my blog roll. I think I am a whimsical blog but then each person has their own opinion. If a few of you care to comment then tell me what you think and maybe we can have a discussion.

ART the Whimsy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Things!

Finally uploaded a pic of moi at the header of the page! That is the most latest me from our trip to Mumbai at Chowpathy Beach. I really do not have much to write about but I am still going to say random stuff to make up a post.

Once again this year I celebrated a birthday that turned me a year older and definitely not any more wiser than I was last year. My loving husband purchased an Ipad to celebrate the occasions. At first I rejected the Ipad and now I cannot wait for it to get home. We also picked up a couple of new Android phones (I got tired of waiting for Iphone5 and the husband wanted the change) and y'all know how I feel about it. Not adjusting very well to the change at all.

Husband did take me out along with friends to my favorite Sushi restaurant. I ate like a glutton and was sick the next day. That totally did not stop me from eating like a bigger glutton when I went to Houston. Speaking of Houston, we went to Brazos Bend State Park. We walked with the alligators and I had no idea how dangerous they could get else I would have never gotten off the car! It was an fun, tiring, filling (yum!), adventurous birthday weekend for me!

Another random stuff I noticed this year. I took off my birthday notification on FB and only my close friends wished me on FB or they called and wished me. The rest of the wishes did not happen. I was glad that I did not have to thank many people for wishing me routinely (like I do) after noticing the pop up. It was special!

The knee got better, yes it did and I completely forgot all about it while I was in India till I sprained it yet another time. I finally made it to the Ortho's office and I have been directed towards physical therapy (I had so wanted to avoid it). One more tear and the doc threatened me with an injection to the knee! No! So basically my life is filled with lethargy. Last year, I worked out almost 6-8 months of the year and I don't think I will ever be able to break that record. Damn you knee!

Otherwise Babs is growing up. Judgmental people around me keep making me check and recheck my parenting and then I start hating them for making me do that! But my love for the little monkey has only grown more and more, of course!

There, I knew I could write about myself for a post without really saying much! Well, I guess this blog is about me so I am justified in doing this! Yay!

So long folks...

Friday, March 23, 2012

Samsung Galazy S2 Skyrocket Vs Iphone

Obviously this is not a very technical review. This is 100% based on my personal opinion formed over the last 7 days.

We picked up 2 sets of the Android phone last Friday. By Saturday morning we had returned one of them because it had a faulty GPS. So the hubby had another new phone in his hands. I liked mine and was happy that it was not acting up until the battery started to drain while it was not even in use. Thursday the following week I got my phone replaced too. I got it home to notice that Fry's had conned me but that is a whole another post.

This makes me reflect on owing an iphone for over 2.5 years. The same old 3GS that I bought the day it released 2.5 years ago still looks solid after numerous falls and still works brilliantly albeit a tad slow now compared to its successor's. The point is, it still works. I am not sure if the Samsung will work in another 2 weeks. The phone is nice, screen is nice, stuff inside are nice but what is the point if the phone does not work?

Therefore I believe Apple for their benefit utilize and use extensively an important thing called "Quality Testing" and provide their customers with Quality Assurance. Sadly, the same seems to be lacking with other companies. Apple also strives to fix your problem for free or gives you a free replacement within warranty. I really have not bought into their "Genius" idea though. I am sure that Einstein is rotating in his grave. I really wish Apple would catch up with technology fast enough so that the next Iphone does not resemble a past version of the Samsung Galaxy. Or maybe because they do such a good job at keeping their products classy that they take a longer production time and therefore miss out on some technology.

Eitherway, Apple rocks...Samsung is a nice toy only till it is working.

(A non-techi reviewer)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Region Matters?

The other day I was having this discussion about cancer with my friend. She went on to tell about a friend of hers who got a type of cancer and told me, "I cannot believe, this guy, he is a non-smoker, a SOUTH INDIAN, a vegetarian got cancer."

I wondered how important was the regional reference? Is that how cancer chooses it's target?


Of Size 0 and Buff Bodies

I finally saw "Dirty Picture." Finally, because everyone has been raving about Vidya's acting and she has taken home all the awards this year! As far as I am concerned the movie was good but not great. The story was predictable like any biopic and the movie was interesting and I enjoyed it but will definitely not do a second run. I am neither HOT for Vidya or Silk for that matter (Thank God!).

The one thing that made me LOVE the movie is that I am happy to see a normal sized woman on screen. Vidya could say that she gained weight for this movie and blah blah, but no one ever saw a size 0 Vidya. And I wonder why that is such a big deal. She looks beautiful in the movie. The fact that she boldly flaunts her belly made me smile. That is how it should be, that is how normal woman are. There is nothing ugly about it. I salute the return of the normal woman! It also fills my heart up to see her get all those awards while not being a stick figure. She is full and fully happy! Go Girl!

You know what disgusts me? This. Seriously? Yuck! All those 6 packs cannot make anyone happy. Someone is definitely giving something up to get only have one life mate! So rethink your choices. Actors are not always made from six packs and normal men are not made from 17" biceps! Once again...Yuck!



Everyone knows my love for my iPhone! It is legendary. I have fought many a wars standing up for it. But now I have moved over to the other side as my friend noted. G convinced me to get the new Samsung skyrocket and bought me an iPad to continually indulge me in my Apple love.

I am typing this post from my phone and the swype technique of typing is awesome. Also am enjoying the nav system but the phone itself is taking me a lot of getting used to.

At the end of the day it is google, it was my first love, even before apple and I am sure that I can handle this change.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have always feared insects. I do not remember a time in my life when I have walked in a garden without being shocked (not surprised) by an insect. I do not dislike them but just fear them. I hate them touching me or stinging me (yup!). But of all the insects in the world, one insect intimidates me the most. The Cockroach. The reddish brown body with annoying antennae. The more annoying ones are those that surprise you and fly around. Thankfully for me, my entire family shared the same emotion towards this insect, as does most of the world...We totally disliked the Roach!

When I lived in India, the roach haunted me. I would never use a restroom without fully checking for its presence. For some odd reason, I knew it when a Roach was in the house hiding somewhere. I had a sixth sense for it. Dad was always prompt at getting to it and getting it out of the house. Dad was so particular that he made sure that roaches were not there in our house. So once in a while when it did come, you could see me running around screaming my head off. When I was ready to move to America, I assumed that America being a developed country and all would have gotten rid of the Roach and I could live without fear...that is until Dad reminded me that the Roach's biological name was Periplaneta Americana (Disgusting link, had roach pictures), and of course there are roaches in every corner of the earth. Yuck!

The first apartment I lived in Manhattan, Kansas was infested with baby roaches. My roomies and I observed an entire week of strict roach killing and keeping the house spotless to get rid of all the roaches. Things returned to normal but the hatred grew. After that, I can count the number of times I have seen a cockroach. I try to keep kitchen clean and bathrooms spanking clean to make sure the Roach does not come into my property.

The point I wanted to make was...Every time I went to India, I always wondered if I would be assaulted by roaches but in all the three times, I did not even see a single roach. But every time I got back after a 3 week vacation, a roach was waiting for me in Dallas. I am anal about leaving my house clean. I clean the fridge, The shelves are cleaned, the house is swept and mopped, clothes folded away, beds are made and the house looks brand new and yet, an uninvited guest spends a few weeks at my house. How annoying. I hate you cockroach!

Yesterday, I was admiring my new sugar/coffee/tea storage bins and wanted to transfer sugar into its new container. Besides me G was standing and serving dinner. I opened the shelf and time froze...

  • Something wrong in this picture
  • That thing is odd. 
  • Oh!I think it is a roach.
  • I have never seen a roach at eye level.
  • F@#$ it is a roach!
As things finally moved from slow-mo to normal pace, I shut the door and ran out screaming. G looked helpless and said, "This is the one thing I cannot do. I hate roaches too." Babs saw me do the "Yucky" dance. We then decided to keep the closet shut and run away to the living room. I got the bug net and kept it close to the kitchen door and we decided no sugar for the rest of the evening.

Thanks to jet lag, waking up early we saw a roach (not sure if it is THE ROACH) walk around the living room. G picked it up and threw it out. But I still fear opening shelves now. Hate you roach.


PS: After living in Texas, I also dislike the Cicada bug. But then I freak out at caterpillars, butterflies, moths, and everything else...

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back home and Back

Before I left for India I was dreading the trip. I was going to be away for 30 days, never done that before. I was going to be taking my 4 year old to India, for the first time. I was not sure what to expect of what to do. I bugged all my friends with my fears and now I know that I was definitely over reacting. India is my homeland, the place where I have my most fondest memories from. How did I even think that something could go wrong there? I am not back, a lot wiser, happier, and of course heavier.

My mother-in-law (here on referred to as Mom), took care of all my tummy needs. Father-in-law (Pop) took care of my extra-tummy needs like sweets and other random desserts. They also took care of my daughter while I was swamped in luxury getting my hair done or hands waxed. They were happy to be with their grand daughter while I for the first time in years had some time off for myself.

My daughter on the other hand was off making friends and playing with them at the park every evening. She mentioned it to me the other day about how fun it was that she just had to get down from our flat to meet her friends and no planning or driving was required for her to have fun.

We visited so many place in Mumbai during my 3 week stint that I now know my way around Mumbai. First we did the touristy things to show Babs around. We went to Juhu beach, bandstand, Chowpathy, and made sure that she did not venture into the water. We took her to Elco Market and made her have their famous Paani Puri's. We shopped around a bit with her first and then without her. We took her to Siddhi Vinayak's and a whirlwind trip around Versova with friends. She had a blast.

Then without her, G took me to a late night drive to Worli Sea Link alone first, and then with his cousins. We hired a cab at 1.00am and told him to show us around Mumbai. First we thought we will do a drive to Sea Link and back but once when we got there, we decided to drive ahead. We went to South Mumbai, and from there to Zaffran, a restaurant, took the cabbie with us and had an awesome post-dinner dinner. Then we drove to Gateway of India before heading back on Sea Link again. This time we forced him to stop in the middle of Sea Link to pose for photos. The driver was scared but we prevailed. And by the time he dropped us back home it was 5 in the morning. We saw the bed and we crashed!

Then there was Holi. So much fun with kids in the neighborhood. G and I took to attacking bigger kids with our pichkari's just to annoy them. At first the big kids did not want to retaliate but after a while they had had enough and the war began. Babs was completely colorfully drenched. And to end all this, there was a feast waiting for us! How nice!

Oh!And did I mention our trip to Goa? We got to stay in what I feel is the best hotel ever. Will write about it in a separate post. The beach we chose was Ashvem beach for a whole day of relaxing. The kids had a blast, surfboarding, playing in the water, swimming, building castles. Then we did the Aguada fort and Church of St. Francis Xavier. The best part of it was the meeting of three friends. G, and his best buddies with their families. All of us had such a blast.

Then we did a stop over in Pune and a day in Bengaluru. At the end of which Babs was running a constant temp and when we went to Chennai we were confined to my friend S's house for a day and half waiting for Babs to recover. When she showed very less chance of recovering, we just drugged her and started going out. And she for her part was not behaving sick while Tylenol kept her happy. After a doc visit and some anti-B's Babs was back in action and Chennai was fun.

My knee that had bothered me a lot was awesome the first 3 weeks and then it acted up on me again. But in spite of it, I was out all days of the week doing something or the other. G and I had only 3 inactive days totally in 30 days! We always seemed to have a plan for the next day. More Desh posts to follow till I get over my India fever (never!). Till then...