Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What I Read...

I love to read a lot. There are times I am reading product instruction labels because when I am free I want to be reading something stimulating. I can pretty much read anything and form an opinion real quick. I read a lot of blogs online. Some blogs I love to read, some I love to hate and read, some I read because I am curious. I am through the process trying to know the person behind the hidden blog names and forming an idea of what they are. Some people intimidate me, some people make me feel welcomed and some make me laugh (in a good or a bad way). There are whiners, there are whimsies, there are the doers and then there are the pathetics. Of course, all this is my opinion and what I think of them and what I understand from their portrayal of themselves. I am sure you as a reader also have an opinion about me which is not always what I think of myself to be.

When I read the whiner blogs I snicker at them. I wonder why they cannot be happy with what they have and stop blogging. But if they stopped blogging then I would get bored without anyone to snicker upon.

Then I read the doers, the go-getters and I look at myself and I snicker at myself. How come I cannot do something like that, why am I stalled. They make me look within me, make me react and see what I would have done.

Then there are the whimsies, which make me feel at home. They are like me. I write because I want to and I write anything from fluff to family life but nothing that will change the world. No one will gain any knowledge or get enlightened reading my blog but it might make you happy (??) or sad depending on what we the Whimsies write.

Finally, the pathetics. This is the group that I love to hate. As my friend pointed it out to me today, they take the most inane stuff and make a post out of it. While the rest of the world is living life they are thinking about writing a post on something useless to make it look unusual. It is a talent, I give it to you but it is also so annoying. Post after post writing about your own awesome self and awesome life. They take the reality out of life. Yet, you need them to remind you that you are more grounder and also some more links to read and satisfy your craving to read...

So there, this is what I feel and this is how I categorize my blog roll. I think I am a whimsical blog but then each person has their own opinion. If a few of you care to comment then tell me what you think and maybe we can have a discussion.

ART the Whimsy!


Megha Bansal said...

I like the classification.
but you gotta remember your quote:
"are we missing out on writing by actually parenting".

Love the blog and you. Keep writing whimsical ART :)

Anu Russell said...

super like Megha :)

cloe said...

luv the classification...i only hope i am not in the pathetics grp :))