Thursday, March 29, 2012


The word unabashed is described as someone who is shameless.

In our daily life we walk past a lot of people who are super annoying and shamelessly draw attention to them self. These people when in close contact ruin your day for you. As much as you try it is difficult to keep them away. I know of one person who is unabashed and annoying. This person is the kind who will "fall into poop but come out smelling like a rose (as said by Megha)." They are the ones that make everything about themselves. And then they frustrate me into wasting precious words to make a post about them...see somehow it is always about them.

But without your existence my life would be boring...and for that I thank you!



Megha Bansal said...

way to see the silver lining ;)

Megha Bansal said...

way to see the silver lining :)

Anonymous said...

and I get your link from Debajyoti's page .. :) Out of curiosity, why debajyoti found this hilarious, I had read this.. it is truly hilarious.. :) think of providing you with my page as well, :) hope to see you frequent there... I do write but try to keep it simple as possible... :)