Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Things!

Finally uploaded a pic of moi at the header of the page! That is the most latest me from our trip to Mumbai at Chowpathy Beach. I really do not have much to write about but I am still going to say random stuff to make up a post.

Once again this year I celebrated a birthday that turned me a year older and definitely not any more wiser than I was last year. My loving husband purchased an Ipad to celebrate the occasions. At first I rejected the Ipad and now I cannot wait for it to get home. We also picked up a couple of new Android phones (I got tired of waiting for Iphone5 and the husband wanted the change) and y'all know how I feel about it. Not adjusting very well to the change at all.

Husband did take me out along with friends to my favorite Sushi restaurant. I ate like a glutton and was sick the next day. That totally did not stop me from eating like a bigger glutton when I went to Houston. Speaking of Houston, we went to Brazos Bend State Park. We walked with the alligators and I had no idea how dangerous they could get else I would have never gotten off the car! It was an fun, tiring, filling (yum!), adventurous birthday weekend for me!

Another random stuff I noticed this year. I took off my birthday notification on FB and only my close friends wished me on FB or they called and wished me. The rest of the wishes did not happen. I was glad that I did not have to thank many people for wishing me routinely (like I do) after noticing the pop up. It was special!

The knee got better, yes it did and I completely forgot all about it while I was in India till I sprained it yet another time. I finally made it to the Ortho's office and I have been directed towards physical therapy (I had so wanted to avoid it). One more tear and the doc threatened me with an injection to the knee! No! So basically my life is filled with lethargy. Last year, I worked out almost 6-8 months of the year and I don't think I will ever be able to break that record. Damn you knee!

Otherwise Babs is growing up. Judgmental people around me keep making me check and recheck my parenting and then I start hating them for making me do that! But my love for the little monkey has only grown more and more, of course!

There, I knew I could write about myself for a post without really saying much! Well, I guess this blog is about me so I am justified in doing this! Yay!

So long folks...


Megha Bansal said...

You sound very mature in this post. Which is weird right? I talk to you everyday, so I know that you are level headed, but for some reason you sound more in this post. HMM..rose colored glasses?

Anu Russell said...

hehehehe...i was in a serene mood while writing this one :)

Elvira Lobo(Elli) said...

like the refreshing you...ANU :P

Anu Russell said...

Thanks Elvira!