Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I have always feared insects. I do not remember a time in my life when I have walked in a garden without being shocked (not surprised) by an insect. I do not dislike them but just fear them. I hate them touching me or stinging me (yup!). But of all the insects in the world, one insect intimidates me the most. The Cockroach. The reddish brown body with annoying antennae. The more annoying ones are those that surprise you and fly around. Thankfully for me, my entire family shared the same emotion towards this insect, as does most of the world...We totally disliked the Roach!

When I lived in India, the roach haunted me. I would never use a restroom without fully checking for its presence. For some odd reason, I knew it when a Roach was in the house hiding somewhere. I had a sixth sense for it. Dad was always prompt at getting to it and getting it out of the house. Dad was so particular that he made sure that roaches were not there in our house. So once in a while when it did come, you could see me running around screaming my head off. When I was ready to move to America, I assumed that America being a developed country and all would have gotten rid of the Roach and I could live without fear...that is until Dad reminded me that the Roach's biological name was Periplaneta Americana (Disgusting link, had roach pictures), and of course there are roaches in every corner of the earth. Yuck!

The first apartment I lived in Manhattan, Kansas was infested with baby roaches. My roomies and I observed an entire week of strict roach killing and keeping the house spotless to get rid of all the roaches. Things returned to normal but the hatred grew. After that, I can count the number of times I have seen a cockroach. I try to keep kitchen clean and bathrooms spanking clean to make sure the Roach does not come into my property.

The point I wanted to make was...Every time I went to India, I always wondered if I would be assaulted by roaches but in all the three times, I did not even see a single roach. But every time I got back after a 3 week vacation, a roach was waiting for me in Dallas. I am anal about leaving my house clean. I clean the fridge, The shelves are cleaned, the house is swept and mopped, clothes folded away, beds are made and the house looks brand new and yet, an uninvited guest spends a few weeks at my house. How annoying. I hate you cockroach!

Yesterday, I was admiring my new sugar/coffee/tea storage bins and wanted to transfer sugar into its new container. Besides me G was standing and serving dinner. I opened the shelf and time froze...

  • Something wrong in this picture
  • That thing is odd. 
  • Oh!I think it is a roach.
  • I have never seen a roach at eye level.
  • F@#$ it is a roach!
As things finally moved from slow-mo to normal pace, I shut the door and ran out screaming. G looked helpless and said, "This is the one thing I cannot do. I hate roaches too." Babs saw me do the "Yucky" dance. We then decided to keep the closet shut and run away to the living room. I got the bug net and kept it close to the kitchen door and we decided no sugar for the rest of the evening.

Thanks to jet lag, waking up early we saw a roach (not sure if it is THE ROACH) walk around the living room. G picked it up and threw it out. But I still fear opening shelves now. Hate you roach.


PS: After living in Texas, I also dislike the Cicada bug. But then I freak out at caterpillars, butterflies, moths, and everything else...

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