Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Of Size 0 and Buff Bodies

I finally saw "Dirty Picture." Finally, because everyone has been raving about Vidya's acting and she has taken home all the awards this year! As far as I am concerned the movie was good but not great. The story was predictable like any biopic and the movie was interesting and I enjoyed it but will definitely not do a second run. I am neither HOT for Vidya or Silk for that matter (Thank God!).

The one thing that made me LOVE the movie is that I am happy to see a normal sized woman on screen. Vidya could say that she gained weight for this movie and blah blah, but no one ever saw a size 0 Vidya. And I wonder why that is such a big deal. She looks beautiful in the movie. The fact that she boldly flaunts her belly made me smile. That is how it should be, that is how normal woman are. There is nothing ugly about it. I salute the return of the normal woman! It also fills my heart up to see her get all those awards while not being a stick figure. She is full and fully happy! Go Girl!

You know what disgusts me? This. Seriously? Yuck! All those 6 packs cannot make anyone happy. Someone is definitely giving something up to get only have one life mate! So rethink your choices. Actors are not always made from six packs and normal men are not made from 17" biceps! Once again...Yuck!


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