Friday, March 23, 2012

Samsung Galazy S2 Skyrocket Vs Iphone

Obviously this is not a very technical review. This is 100% based on my personal opinion formed over the last 7 days.

We picked up 2 sets of the Android phone last Friday. By Saturday morning we had returned one of them because it had a faulty GPS. So the hubby had another new phone in his hands. I liked mine and was happy that it was not acting up until the battery started to drain while it was not even in use. Thursday the following week I got my phone replaced too. I got it home to notice that Fry's had conned me but that is a whole another post.

This makes me reflect on owing an iphone for over 2.5 years. The same old 3GS that I bought the day it released 2.5 years ago still looks solid after numerous falls and still works brilliantly albeit a tad slow now compared to its successor's. The point is, it still works. I am not sure if the Samsung will work in another 2 weeks. The phone is nice, screen is nice, stuff inside are nice but what is the point if the phone does not work?

Therefore I believe Apple for their benefit utilize and use extensively an important thing called "Quality Testing" and provide their customers with Quality Assurance. Sadly, the same seems to be lacking with other companies. Apple also strives to fix your problem for free or gives you a free replacement within warranty. I really have not bought into their "Genius" idea though. I am sure that Einstein is rotating in his grave. I really wish Apple would catch up with technology fast enough so that the next Iphone does not resemble a past version of the Samsung Galaxy. Or maybe because they do such a good job at keeping their products classy that they take a longer production time and therefore miss out on some technology.

Eitherway, Apple rocks...Samsung is a nice toy only till it is working.

(A non-techi reviewer)

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Sukanya said...

Please dont say Samsung Galaxy series a toy..mine is Samsung Galaxy S and its works superb till now (touchwood).....

but one thing opther company can't compare their smartphone with Iphone.... Other phones are replica of Iphone features....