Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Omo Othuke?!!!! (OMG What to do??!!!)

Ya, it has gone overboard…I am really enjoying this Korean thing. The best part, all my BFF’s are into it too. We meet and chat about all the Korean drama’s, our favorite actor (KJH! Of course!) and actresses, etc, etc, etc. It gets funny when we start wondering if every Asian person we meet is from Korea.

Last  Friday when we had gone to gobble up some of the best Sushi ever in the world at Masu Sushi (try saying that name continuously…such a tongue twister) and I was begging to say Kamsahamnida to the server. My husband and friends told me he must be Japanese…so no Hanguko (Korean). I prevailed, I stopped the already funny waited and asked him if he knew Hanguko too…and he said…”Ne (yes).” I squealed then my girlfriend S also squealed and then it started. We had the waiter spend most of his time on our table because we kept talking to him in Hanguko and asking him Hanguk (Korea) drama questions. He was Korean, as were many others who worked in the restaurant and everyone came to pay respect to me, the Indian who now considers herself to be a Hanguk Saram (Korean). Ya Chincha (really)!

This trend started during the Olympics, where Babs would cheer for America, I would for S.Korea and G getting frustrated for us cheered for China. We screamed loudly, beat our chest, and hi-fied, fought, blew raspberries and what nots…but in my house it is established that I am Hanguk Saram.

Oh and then! My break with staying at home came to an end. I think being a SAHM suddenly after having never done that is really a shocker. I realized how much of a slacker I was but then I think I spent the most quality time with my daughter. Who, of course, landed up breaking her arm under my supervision. Shredded my heart to pieces and then put them back together by handling the situation better than I ever could have. Such is life. This summer was amazing. Trip to meet family at NC, beach, tennis, and family time. Then staying home and relaxing with Korean Drama. Met friends whom I had not seen in eons, shopped, fought and what not’s.

And then the big life change. From driving a max of 25 miles per day I am now driving 100 miles per day at least to the new place of work. It was one of those decisions I had to make and I am pretty sure that I could not have chosen better. Like my aunt always told me, “all for good.” I want to believe in it. I hate the drive but it is worth it.

I slacked off blogging mainly because Babs broke her arm and I was heartbroken and then that flowed into laziness and hopefully soon I will be back in full flow.