Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Things I Say

Will now get either said back to me or repeated whether I am around or not. I keep learning and re-learning this lesson but never remember to follow it through...

The other day we (as in Babs and I) were stuck at a light. It is one of those lights that take for ever to turn green. I could have turned right but then I decided to go straight and we were stuck. For Babs, the time it took for the light to turn green was equal to how soon she would get her weekly frozen yogurt. Suddenly from behind she yells,

"Chal bey! Poora din rukhna hai kya yahan. Kitna time letha hai ye dakkan red light. (Move it you, do you want to take the whole day? How long will this annoying red light take.)"

I realized that I had passed on my road rage issues to my daughter. And of course you cannot blame me either. I drive 110 miles a day...the least I can do is scream my guts out when I get stuck anywhere on the road.

A Conversation with Babs to remember

Babs: Do you know what a crush is?
Me: Ya, like a squeezed fruit juice? They call that a crush in India.
Babs: No, not that one. There is another type.
Me: Oh, you mean like crushing you when I give you a tight hug? (me playing innocent."
Babs: No mom, like when someone has a crush on someone, it means they like them.
Me: Really? How old are you?

Ya, my daughter is growing old faster than I want her too. I want her classmates to slow down so she would and we could all slow down this growing old process...

But the stuff she throws at me...if only I could write them all down.

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Can Hear My Heart Crying!

Not long ago, approximately five years ago, I gave up on the married-yet-single life. G and I became parents to Babs. I remember feeling left out when my friends went partying and we stayed home nurturing our little cuddly-puddly. And soon, it did not make a big difference at all. Now I look back at the time and I really do not feel like I have missed much and this past weekend it was attested.

Our friends and I left our kids with our baby sitter P and wanted to do dinner and a movie. The movie, Life of Pi was fun and then we went to a lounge bar. I had no idea what I was getting into. The place we chose had a live band playing inside a closed space and the mics were on a high. We could not find a place to sit and enjoy the music or eat. Finally the only spot we found was right next to the speaker/woofer. My heart started to cry as it thumped with every beat. I looked at G with a puppy face, "we are not young any more."

Poor friend of mine who was actually enjoying the music was also quickly pried out of her seat and we rushed out to enjoy the air with much lesser noise and I grinned. This was good. Just hanging out with friends, out in the open, thinking about eating and chatting. That is what I wanted to, not sit in a loud room, screaming over the music, and loosing hearing and speech the same night. I am older now than I was before and this is what I like now, and I am happy with it...

with that said, seven years to the day since G and I tied the knot. I still go back to my old Reception and Wedding posts and reminisce the fun times we had.