Thursday, January 12, 2006

Saturday, December 10: My Reception

I woke up to see Shaw sitting in the living room bored and waiting to talk to someone. The minute I squinted he walked up to the bed and sat down next to me trying to chat up with me. Later everyone went to eat breakfast while I had a bath and got ready. Shaw and I later went to browse and came back in time to get ready for a small nalungu pooja at Kumar uncle's house. It was beautiful. Curie Akka, Bharathi Aunty, and Sukanya also joined us there. Mom, myself, and Archana were also there along with Thameem and Priya. After the function we had lunch there and got back home to leave for the beauty parlor (Lakme).

It was almost 3.30pm when we got there...They rushed me in and got me ready with makeup, hairdo, and saree in Gujarati style with jewelry. It was 6.00pm and I was ready for the show...(PS: if you plan to get your makeup at Lakme...Remember to ask for Maria...She was simply the best! She knew what she was doing and she did not make me look painted...instead she gave me a very natural makeup that was just perfect and in no photo does my face look too oily or too white).

Rain stopped us from getting to the hotel on time but still we reached there at 6.30pm. Girish was yet to come from the temple after his nalungu and mapillai azhaippu (bridegroom welcome). The photographer came in and took some photos of me solo and Girish dressed in his suit. By the time we got up to the Hall it was almost 8.00pm, slightly later than the time we had put on our invitations. Thanks to the rain a lot of people made a delayed arrival and it was okay.

The reception was total timepass. I felt bad that I could not spend time with everyone who had come but I guess that is how it works...Girish, thank god did fuss at all...He was a little hungry but put up very gracefully...He was such a sweet heart through the whole process...A darling that he is...

Dinner was good and I ate to my hearts content...There was carrot halwa which was Girish's favorite and he had fun...One more photo session with me in my Ghagra and Saree before I retired to bed for the night.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,
It was a blessing to come across your blog. I am getting married on Dec 4th in Chennai. I live with my fiance in Baltimore and we are leaving on Nov 22nd to India. All the shopping is to start after i land there. So its going to be a whirlwind of a trip. I am interested to know about Fatema, who did your henna. How do I contact her? Also were you happy with the Lakme people?...I don't want my makeup overdone...if u understand what i mean..the over powdered, caked up early do we need to book them? Also Jyothe...the tailoring place..where are they located? do they do a good job?
Please do reply to
It will help if u put up some of your wedding pics.
Thanks so much Anu. I look forward to your reply.