Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I don't understand...Why should we (girls) be thin like a stick?...Remember being slim is out of the window...You have to be thin and two dimensional to attract men's attention?

After all it was always in fashion to be fit or maybe a little on the plumper side for women...You know...Like well endowed women?? All the temple sculptures from India, Roman and Greek sculptures have never depicted woman as being SKINNY...Yet when they cast woman for a period movie...Why are they skinny? Isn't that being anachronistic?

I just feel that woman who are fit and healthy looking look their best against those who are thin and skinny...As (again I think) their faces are just too stuck-to-the-skull and trust me that is ugly...

Most of the models and actress today look much better after they add some weight...It's like great body but sorry about your face...

Hah! Maybe I am just frustrated that I am not thin and wanted to justify my figure!!!

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