Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Saturday, November 26th, 2005 12.30am at Vijaya Park Inn, Chennai:

Dad was running around the hotel room restless. He was angry it was 5.30am and he unable to take a shower because there was no hot water in the shower. Annoyed he called the Housekeeping at the hotel to realize that it was only 12.30am and that the hot water will on after 4.30am. Mom and I were also up and I we glared at dad for doing what he did. It was jet lag...

Once again dad was rummaging through the luggage looking for his razor. Mom also woke up and joined him and I woke up due to the commotion. Dad was confident that it was 6.30am and he was upset that he had actually overslept and now he wanted to shave. I checked the clock once again and it was not even 4.30am. I was really angry now...But each one of us were going through jet lag...and so mom and I attempted to sleep once again and this time till 7.00am.

Thameem, Kumar uncle, and I helped dad and mom move into a house we had rented for a month in Annanagar before heading out to shop. The apartment was on the 3rd floor (Indian) and there was no electricity that day due to some maintenance work. It was miserable...Climbing up and down with our heavy 70lbs suitcases. Kumar uncle bought us wonderful lunch that we devoured.

Thameem maam and I went shopping to Lifestyle and Globus and bought me a lot of clothes for over Rs.11,000.

Recommendation 1: If you have a decent budget and do not want to spend time bargaining...Visit the following stores:

Lifestyle: Great shoes, purses, and decent salwars. The store is slightly cramped in the women's and mens garment section. But it has very trendy stuff for a reasonable price, especially if you convert it back to dollars.

Globus: Good collection of pants, skirts, salwars, kurtas, accessories, tees, business wear, etc. I really loved this store, my personal favorite. In fact, I shopped for more than Rs.30,000 in this shop alone.

Shoppers Stop: Very sober colors. I really did not like their collection much. I visited the one in Chennai as well as in Mumbai and I did not find anything that Wow-ed me. Nevertheless you do find some interesting clothes and accessories here too.

So after a tiring day at shopping I went home to have dinner that Kumar Uncle had bought with mom, dad, and Thameem. Thameem stayed over with us tonight. Total timepass.

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