Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday, December 12, 2005

Girish and I went in for a late breakfast. The breakfast was Ah-mazing. I ate so much that I was almost about to burst. Then we wandered around the hotel more...Browsed for sometime...Then got back and got ready to head for lunch and show Girish some Chennai.

Thameem maam came and took Girish, Shaw, mom, and me to Karaikudi Restaurant. Girish was disappointed that he could not eat Nethili fish there as fishermen had not ventured into the sea for over a week but satisfied himself with mutton and chicken dishes that he immensely enjoyed.

Later we showed him Marina Beach, Besant Nagar Beach and Chinnaswamy Cricket Stadium before we headed back to the room to pack and leave for Mumbai...It was sad to leave mom and dad and go...I have left them and gone many times and felt sad all the times but this time it was different. It was also very sad to leave Thameem maam and Priya and Chennai. I requested Thameem maam to drop me off at the airport in spite of the hotel accommodating one for us so that I could spend my last few moments in Chennai with my Thameem maam...

The drive to the airport was tiring as it had rained again causing traffic jams at every corner. But we reached the airport and tears were about to roll down my cheeks when Thameem maam left abruptly not wanting to see or hear any of it...Ramesh had already reached there and he led us away from mom, dad, and Shaw into the airport where he walked us all the way till the gate before he also left Girish and I alone. Then Jet Airways took us to Mumbai!!!

Second time in the great city...It was scary...The taxi driver was a character...He refused to tie our suitcases that were placed on the overhead shelf of the car...Which could potentially fall over on any bump...and he did not care...He drove around not even knowing the directions and later tried to cheat us...Girish's dad and brother Mahesh both had to fight him off.

I entered Girish's house for the first time kicking a coconut after Aarathi. It was very nice. We spoke for a long time before we hit the bed...

Another day closer to leaving India...

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