Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Most of the time when we want to prove ourselves at work we only have one chance - Do it right the first time, especially when you are at a new job.

There is a deadline...Your boss needs some information on something very important...By giving him the answer you can prove your mettle and command over the project...But at that very moment the answer is eluding you in spite of you knowing in your mind where it exactly is...

There are two ways we react to this typically...

Option 1: We panic and tell the boss..."I know where exactly it is...Give me a second...Last I remember is that...But wait, let me check it..."

Wrong answer...The above is done mostly to keep your bosses attention with you while you are searching for an answer. You should remember two things...One...You will not gain your boss's confidence or attention by given him unsure answer...Two...By letting your boss breathe over your neck you are never going to find the answer in record time.

Remember, you only have one chance and you should do it right the first time.

Option 2: Just say, "Let me get back to you with the answer."Not only does this give you time to look for the answer peacefully but also with less tension and when you give the correct answer the first time around...Everyone is happy.

By following the above approach not only do you get your answer correct with ease but you also induce a sense of confidence in your attitude. You do not crumble under pressure and keep a level head. But remember you still only have a few seconds before you can give the answer and not for ever...

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