Friday, February 27, 2009

One More Friday

As yet another weekend looms and the weather turns sour once again I am thinking of so many things. My mind is so clogged up right now that I cannot think straight or even sleep. Last night when I went to bed my heart was racing and this morning I told G I can feel how it is to have your heart race. It is a weird feeling and actually scary. And to which he promptly replied, "your heart raced for a reason, my races for no reason." Which put me to back into reality...

Quick Notes:
  • To Mr/Ms/Mrs/whoever-you-are Annonymous who commented on my last blog. Please feel to stay away if you have to. I did not ask you to visit my e-mail. Politeness and courtesy is a virtue and obviously you do not have it. I probably should not qualify your comment with a reply but I choose LOVE and not hate just like ARR. So lotsa love to you but try and be friendly around here. Thanks
  • I am very eagerly waiting to see Summer around here. I know 110 deg is not fun but it is better than 20 deg...So Spring/summer whatever you are...come fastttttttttttttt.
  • I am hating things happening in India, especially Karnataka and Andhra in terms of women's rights. What the hell people grow up.
  • I am trying to diet and failing miserably.
  • My daughter eats well at her baby sitter and hardly eats with me. Plus she beats me.
  • Right now I am slightly irritated but will be fine in a bit.
  • I love pickle in spite of it giving me boils in/on my nose.
  • I love Chai. More with Parle G biscut or Britannia Milk Bikis.
  • I saw Kuselan and Billu Barber within two weeks. Sorry but Kuselan way better than Billu. Though I wont compare SRK or Rajni, both are awesome.
  • I am in the process of seeing Luck By Chance. Farhan is good.
  • I want to travel. Lack of funds so staying put.
  • Why do they sell Easter stuff in Feb? When Easter is not until March? I bought Easter gift for my friend's daughter thinking it is Easter already. How am I to know...ya I am ignorant! Sorry.
  • How come a Spaniard or an Italian or a French speaking bad English with bad pronunciation is considered cute but my Indian-English accent called bad English? Shouldn't it just be a dialect like how American English is or Australian English is? Who gives anyone the authority to say what accent is correct?
  • Are people correcting you while you speak thereby cutting your flow of thought rude or is it okay? I am sure I have done it too but nowadays I am trying to control my urge but I absolutely hate to be corrected unless it is done in a artful way.
  • Why do women over-analyze? Or do men do it too?
If I remember anything else I will keep adding to this list.

BTW, before I leave, do I make my blog a social blog? A blog that addresses all the social problems in the world and is a part of all the clubs related to them? Or just let it be what it is about me, my life, my thoughts, and me boring or entertaining you? Let me know. Whatever you say will help me make up my mind.

I will try and blog back sooner thant his time...and Annonymously rude person, if you are so funny, how about leaving your name for us?



P said...

:) Little one is beating u?.. wat did mommy do to earn it?? :P
Kids are like that! Especailly when you feel guilty of leaving them with baby sitters... they somehow sense it and make it harder. I noticed that with my cousin. This cousin of mine was lucky to have her mum babysit her 2-yr old. One day when her mum and me were shopping... she called and was really frantic.. I could hear her even though she wasnt on speaker! She was yelling that her son was mad at her for some reason and she wanted her mum to come home sooner so that he would settle down and finish lunch!! :) I tell u... sometimes I think kids are smatter than us adults... they know how to blackmail and get their way.. with innocense being their weopon its no surprise they win all the time :) :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anu,

The fact that you mentioned about my rude comment at the beginning and ending of your post itself means it hurt you. And believe me if you want, I am not such a rude and bad person. Just typed that comment out at that split second..what was I thinking.. we all have our bad judgement moments. Yes, that was rude and offensive. Excuse me/apologies if that comment made your heart race and get upset. But do keep in mind that the fact that I am back to say this to you shows I don't want to leave you feeling how you feel even though we don't know eachother or mean anything to eachother. I really hope you find happiness one most days atleast ( which is a rarity these days)and let no gloomy days affect your moods/personality. You seem sweet and have the potential to be a really good friend to anyone who is willing to give you that space and their honest self. Wish you keep it up. I wish you good and hey don't let ANYONE make you feel crappy. I just wanted to take this time out to write to you that I felt bad that I made you feel bad. And as for my name- I am Yamini from Bangalore.

Prasanthi Neeladaran said...

Anu, Cant wait for the summer either.....T's getting to be a big brat these days and same as babbu - T will barely eat when I feed her:( Guess its part of their 1-2yrs phase....Nways, TC.....

Anu Russell said... little one is a little rowdy!

Yamini, thanks for coming back and apology accepted :)

PN, how about making a trip to dallas with T?