Friday, January 22, 2016

Chinese Drama

Everyone who knows me has heard of my love for anything Korean. I get all sorts of gifts from friends visiting Korea while I sit here burning in jealously. The Korean drama pool in Netflix has dried up, I have seen everything that interests me and I need more, in search of something fun I landed up watching "Empresses in the Palace".

Now, it is Chinese. I am so used to the Korean sounds that getting readjusted to hearing Chinese language was very difficult. Throughout the 6 episode series I kept trying to hear and identify familiar words. I understand that Hwang (meaning Emperor) is the same in Korean and Chinese. Both languages call their princess very similar sounding...Konju/Gongzhu, so on and so forth.

What did I think of the drama? Loved it, loved it to obsession that I was lost when it ended after 6 short episodes. The twists and turns, every character having a grey shade in them, life as a King and that of the rest of the people in his palace, everything was eye opening. The details and the make up were amazing, the acting was brilliant and the scenes were all set up like postcards. The body language, the outfits, the facial expressions, I could go on and on. The story is captivating, several twists and turns, revenge, love, betrayal, loyalty, every aspect of a good winning recipe is captured and used in the right dosage.

Does this mean I will be making a shift to Chinese love?? Korea will always be my third love. Till Netflix adds more LeeMinHo, KangJiHwan, or EunYoonHye dramas, I will start looking around other parts of Asia.

Next Up Atelier - A Japanese drama...hopefully I will like to stick around past the second episode. I strongly believe that I need to give it at least 2 episodes before I call the show a dud.

A Chinese Drama Loving ART

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