Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Too much work

hence too less time for blog and all else because after work I have to attend to my babies...of course I am talking about G and you my Babs...

Anyways, since my last post another Pongal came and went and I barely made it on time to celebrate the festival. Of course we were at work!!! But thanks to pre-planning, I made Chakarai Pongal and also Bonda. They were both yummy and got over in just a day. Of course you liked it too, you fed me one spoon and ate one yourself. It was a fun game we played where I made you eat a lot more than I ate.

Apart from that, we go to the mall to beat the sub-zero temps here so that you get to stretch your legs and I get to stretch my purse *wink* *wink*

I have barely cooked this whole new year because I am dropping you to Pinky Aunty's house. I am only hoping that you do not make a habit of it. Because if, on an off day G tries to drop you, you throw a fit and you tear my heart every time you go out the door tear laden.

I think I just lost interest in completing this post so I will close now and will continue at another time...who knows, it might be this afternoon :)


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Anonymous said...

Soooo..... Dear Diary posts have turned into Dear Babbi posts eh??? :-)

How've you been, ARTie?