Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Year Day

My first post in my new format...


To celebrate the start of 2010 your papa and I cooked. He made butter chicken, and I made aloo mutter with jeera rice. Papa also made chicken tikka and I made some yummy dessert with chocolate Mousse.

Then both you and Anya went to sleep at 11.30pm. We the parents sat in the living room and surprisingly sober and welcomed the New Year watching the Ball drop in NYC.

The next day we went to Gaylord Texan to see the Christmas decorations and it was super fun. You were really tired and went to bed early. Your aunt and I did not know what to do after both our wards were asleep at 8 that night. Both the Dad's had a dad's night out and got to see 3 Idiots.

The next day after our time at the play area in WB mall, your aunt and I got to see 3 idiots. And then they headed back home. All three of us were sad.

Papa and I were sad because it marked the end of holiday season and life had to get back to normal once again. You were sad because your favorite uncle, aunt, and cousin were gone and you were stuck with us, yet again.

And as usual while putting you to bed that night, I told you and papa, "it is always going to be just the three of us. Everyone will come and go or we will visit everyone once in a while, but always as guests."

Which is the truth and it is sad :(

Anyways Happy New Years.

PS: Mom liked 3 Idiots a lot.


Remya said...

Anu, I really like the new style or way of your blog... very thoughtful..

Sum said...

Wow! Babs will be really proud of her mom when she reads these...

shilpa said...

Happy New Year ART!