Friday, August 17, 2007

Kireedom (2007) - Tamil Movie Review

Ranking: 3/5

Cast: Ajith Kumar, Trisha, Raj Kiran, Vivek
Director: A L Vijay
Music: G V Prakash

I remember seeing a movie like this one a few years ago...I don't remember the name of the movie...but it was similar at least in theory. I guess the only thing it did not have was a "star" in the leading role. This movie would probably not have seen the daylight had Ajith not acted in it.

The story is about Shakthivel (Ajith), a carefree but respectful youth who's aim is to become an SI. He is the son of Rajarajan (Raj Kiran), an honest police head constable who is waiting for redemption the day his son becomes a part of the Indian police force. Shakthi and his family live in Trichy and he spends most of his time with friends and having fun in the city. During one such escapade he meets Divya (Trisha) with whom he eventually falls in love.

As things always go smoothly in the first half, Shakthi gets called for an interview and gets selected to go for a personal interview in Chennai for the same. Both Divya's and Shakthi's parents are also excited about their alliance and everything is moving smoothly until Rajarajan messes things up. His diligence gets him in trouble with some local politicians who get him transferred to a very crime filled city.

The entire family moves down and once again Rajarajan's uprightness lands him trouble. He tries to fight singlehandedly with some local goonda's who get angry with him and are ready to kill him until Shakthi sees it and jumps in to save his father's life while hurting the rowdy group real bad. Now it is revenge time but Shakthi has the support from Rajarajan's boss who has been trying to get the rowdy's behind bars or at least punished...

Shakthi's fight with the rowdies make him very famous in the city and his brother in law (Vivek) starts taking advantage of it without Shakthi's knowledge. Shakthi also gets involved in many small fights owing to his friends and other circumstances. The police inspector helping Shakthi misunderstands him and reprimand's Shakthi...Shakthi's job as a cop is under scrutiny and the future of his life is also in a limbo...What happens next? watch the movie!

The movie is very simple...Trisha comes promptly for some songs and dances and nothing else. Vivek's comedy was hardly even funny. Raj Kiran has done the father role well once again after Thavamai Thavamirundhu...I am sure father roles (as that is the only thing he can play at this age and with that face) is something he can get a doctorate for. Saranya as Ajith's mother is so stereotypical...from her days in Nayagan till date her acting prowess has not improved nor has it changed. She is so blah and can cry so easily...B O R I N G...

Ajith looks good...and young and for a change he actually looks fresh. He can still act and he really does not do too much of his "star" stuff other than a few occasional mention of "Thalai" here and there...wonder why he has to do it.

I cannot write much about the music as I forwarded most of it and the direction has nothing special to mention about at all. If you are free and want to watch a movie filled with fights/cries/and melodrama this will be a good choice.


Ramu's Corner said...

As a Big Time Fan of Ajith, I am so delighted with your Review abt Ajith's performance alone.. But on the whole, I find it rather difficult to digest the truth. Which immediately made me to check all ur reviews & ratings for the other Tamil movies from ur archive.. With VV getting only 2.5 & PKMC 3.5 & Im happy that Kreedom got 3..

Anu Russell said...

I really did think that Ajith was decent in the movie...i feel that the movie could have been directed better with fewer violent scenes...

anyways VV really sucked...I still get angry thinking of all the over acting and annoying dialogues...Kamal needs to tone down a bit!