Thursday, January 13, 2011

Its the Harvest Time Once Again!


I had written this post four years ago. I was trying to dig it out from archives and felt that I had written this only last year. But I had to go way back to actually find it. Time sure flew between then and now! I guess having a baby makes a whole lot of difference.

So anyways, this morning as I was getting Babbi ready for her school, in other words, me fighting with her to make her finish her breakfast, I told her the story of what her Amma would have done had she been in India. She nodded her head and I really do not think the story registered but eventually it will. Starting next year I am going to light up a fire in my fire place and burn a few useless things to let her get the significance of that part of me and where we come from.

How I miss my Tamilnadu and my growing up days...sigh!

Happy Pongal, Lodhi, Sankaranthi!!



Nitin Vaswani said...

Sankranti wishes to u too!

Megha Bansal said...

happy pongal!

Prasanthi Neeladaran said...

Pongal in TN - Best days of life...lovely kollams; sugarcane; chakara pongal yum yum!!!!

Happy Pongal to the three of you!

Chitra said...

I second Prasanthi....Absolutely miss Karumbu, Kolam and sakkarapongal soaked in ghee :)...Yummmmmmm