Monday, February 07, 2011

Winter Madness

  • It was cute to see you wake up every morning and ask me excitedly, "No school today also Amma?" For five days in a row and then jumping up with a "Yay!"
  • It was tiring to come up with something new to play with you for nine days in a row.
  • It was sad to see your eyes watering non-stop...stupid cold!
  • The excitement in your voice after seeing a snow covered balcony was priceless.
  • Telling your friends that you cannot come to their house because of the bad weather was fun.
  • Sleep over at two of our favorite friends two nights in a row...the best time pass!
  • Playing 'kitchen' game and 'Restaurant' game again and again and hearing you say, "Ayla vaapas ye jal gaya," was hilarious.
  • Taking afternoon naps with you snuggling tightly next to me to beat the cold was so comforting.
  • Long talks on nothing was great.
  • We also managed to take a mile long walk to the dog park and back on Sunday evening before things got was so peaceful.
  • Baking cake, brownie with you was a fun experience.
  • Making you dance for "Andangkaka" from Anniyan was awesome! Better still you mouthing the lyrics and trying to master it.
  • Seeing you sing "Ek Suraj Naya," with your favorite uncle was the best feeling.
  • No water in kitchen - sucked...the only bad experience.
I whined and moaned while I was stuck with you and your Papa for four days in a row inside the house. Today after getting back into the grind, I cannot tell you how much I miss you and those fun moments we had together. I wish we could do it all over again and yes, I will not change a single thing, but for maybe both of us being sick...I Loveeeeeee you Babbiiiiiiiii. You have made me love my life even more!

Your Amma!


Sum said...

Hmmmmmm.... Sooo nice!
Such a pleasure to spend all your time with a little daughter!!

Megha Bansal said...

this is such a cute post!!! babs sounds very interesting and fun. the best was 'ayla wapas...' . too cute!

i am praying for more snow days :D

Suchi said...

Aww, this was such a nice post to read Anu. So heartwarming!

P said...

hugs :)