Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I wonder why?!

Sometimes that people have to show off. They have to flaunt how perfect they are by either talking about it all the time or through other means. If you are really so perfect then I am sure that others will make note of it and let you know about it too...Just by repeatedly saying it does not make you any more perfect.

Just thought I will throw it out there!

Another thing, why would you belittle someone efforts when you are not capable of doing it yourself? Does your incapacity make you insecure enough to ridicule other's work?

Such people just make me crack up!!! I am sorry but you really need to get a life know what I mean!


Lauren said...

crap.... hope this isn't about me!
I know I am far from perfect!

Trevor Penn said...

You've been throwing a lot of stuff out here... :)

waddup, ARTie? :)

Anu Russell said...

hahahah!!! Well this is my blog isn't it? Place to throw things around...

How u Shanky?

Anu Russell said...

No Lala...not you for sure :)