Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Commitments...professional or personal should hold good no matter what!

I helped a friend of mine with her home business once before and then when another chance came up, I jumped up and put in her name and a good word for her with another friend. So things were settled between them, at least I thought so. But this business friend of mine dumped my other friend in the 9th hour.

Now who is shamed? Of course ME!!! The value of my word is lost. I feel so humiliated and hurt and what is worse this girl did not even feel bad about it. I know that she is going through some personal issues but then a commitment is a commitment and you cannot change your own words after the fact...I am very deeply hurt...I don't intend to tell her this personally because of the above mentioned personal issues...but I will never ever recommend her for anything as this simple act just displayed to me her professional courtesy and ethics.

And honestly I cannot use words to describe how horrible I feel towards this other friend who is suffering the consequences of my business friends frivolity. I hope that that things work out fine and everything falls in place...what a guilt trip for me! I hate these things...I guess since I hate being in the same place twice...this will be another reason for me never to recommend friends who do not think like me when it comes to business and work...

Just thought I will throw it out there...

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