Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Header

Ah! finally I got myself a new header...I did not spend much time on it...but I think that it is anyday better than the old one I had for so long.

Sometimes art needs explanation or else it is lost to interpretation...just to help...I tried to show the transformation...a single me, a married me, a pregnant (tummy) me, and a mom me! So that is where I am right now :)

If any of you need help doing something similar...send me pics and I can help :)



Megha Bansal said...

i love it!!! very pretty, i think IMHO, the first pic kinda stands out..maybe u cud tone it down a little?

love it! i am so copying this ;)

Anu Russell said...

I will fix that...first thing tomm morning :)

Trevor Penn said...

Nice!!! What do you use? PS Elements? PSP?

Anu Russell said...

just simple photoshop CS3...not sure of the version but it is something like that :)


i love your new picture, it looks professional! i like the progression it shows :)

Anu Russell said...

Thanks Lauren :) I am just trying!