Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Changing Plans

The past two weekends have been nightmarishly a good way.

First it was the weekend that had three festivals going on in different parts of Dallas. I of course wanted to get in on all three of them. The plan was set. Friday night, Babs BFF sleep over with her parents at our house. The sleepover was preceded by a visit to Plano Balloon festival. Saturday was reserved for Oktoberfest and Sunday was for Grapefest. I was all set.

The house was kinda sorted out. Babs napped and ready on Friday evening and finally all three of us were ready to head out...when the rains came, and boy did they come. It rained non-stop the rest of the evening and night. I quickly changed from my white tee to something of a darker shade blouse and went and met our friends for dinner. The sleepover happened and the kids were beyond explanation happy. I convinced myself that I can still do Balloon Fest on Sat and Grapefest on Sunday. I had been to Oktober many times so was not sad on missing it.

Next day, after spending most of the time lazing around Babs decided that she wanted to go with her BFF to Grapefest. I begged but to no avail. So we were at Grapefest. Babs had a great time there. She was with our friend who took them to do dancing, play with a cow's udder and milk some, and last but not the least they did grape stomping. So cute! Late night before we retired home and all of us were tired to our bones.

Sunday started with Babs ice skating class and me taking her home quickly to get her ready for the Balloon fest I was going with my BFF and Babs friend. Well, we got there only to realize that it had been cancelled due to storms coming from the North. I wanted to scream my lungs out. I was looking forward to this one and I was so disappointed. Instead we went to a park, sat by the pond, fed Babs and her friend dinner while they chatted and saw the ducks around. They played till the storm actually started throwing some water on us and then we drove home in a hail storm. I was lucky to get a parking spot in a gas station before I drove home. Babs sat behind me a little scared before falling asleep...

And there, the only thing I got to do was the Grapefest. Next year, if I am still in Dallas...hopefully I will make it to the Balloonfest and skip on Grape and Oktober because I have already to been to these two now.


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