Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Poo Poo

in the Potty...

My daughter Poo Poo'ed in the potty today. What an achievement. I am a proud amma. Although I did not help her to learn to do it, my baby sitter did, I feel proud of her deed.

I cannot share it without grossing anyone out anyway...so might as well do it and leave it here so I will know the date and I feel like I climbed up on the roof and screamed it out loud.

Sorry folks, but when you become a parent all milestones are great milestones and you want to celebrate them :)

Love y'all.



Megha Bansal said...

congrats anu on the new milestone :)
i am sure it's a relief also :D

P said...

OMG! this made me have a flashback! few years ago when a family friend boasted of a similar feat achieved by her kid.... my mother embarrassed me to the extreme by telling her about "my time"!! In front of our entire family and whats worse..in my presence... so until little Babs grows up you are fine and i bet everyone is giggling a bit instead of being grossed out! :P

P said...

PS: I thought, the post would end in a "Phew"! A happy-proud sigh!

Anu Russell said...

Mb, thanks :) not yet...but when she is completely out. it will be :)

P, that is hillarious. My mom has told quite a few of my embarrassments to G and he still makes fun of them!

the happy sigh will come once she is completely off diapers :) right now I am happy :)