Monday, June 01, 2009

Amma Clumsy...

So Babs is actually talking now. Not blabbering but talking. She does have her moments when she tries to explain herself in a funny way and you are looking at her and wondering what on earth was that and she gets frustrated with you and you at her and so on...but on most occasion she talks. And I want to call it Bab-ble.

So off we were on our vacation. The day we were heading back I told myself, "Phew, no accidents and Babs is actually been good so far in the trip (healthwise)."

Dad and mom came with us to the airport and they waited looking at me and Babs as we walked through the security check-in with a very sad face that I cannot describe adequately with words but I am sure y'all can understand. I had to take our shoes off and put Babs shtrollo (stroller) on the scanner and our diaper bag and so on. So I told Babs to sit on a table right next to me, removed her shoes and mine, put them on the basket with my diaper bag and was ready to pick Babs.

The official lady asked me, "Do you have any liquids?"

"Nope, just two boxes of baby food."

"Oh that is fine."

"Do not put your shoes in the basket let them run directly through the scanner."

Fine, I remove them and place them on the conveyor belt.

Dude over the scanner screamed, "how many ounces of baby food?"

In the background I hear my parents scream, and then I see Babs on the floor flat on her face. My mind was in twenty thousand places. For a few seconds I could not put two and two together. My daughter had been right next to me, how did she land on the floor? I quickly picked up a screaming and wailing Babs and I began crying too. No, wait, bawling.

I held Babs close to me, who was asking for her Thatha (grand dad) and Amamma (grandma) and was crying hard. I held to her and tried to distract her but I could not hold myself back. And once again in about 4 minutes my angel of a daughter whose lower lips were bleeding stopped crying. I went through the security checking and on the other side, put her back in the shtrollo (stroller) and tried to dry my eye, dab her wound a bit more and kiss her and wet her with my tears.

Dad called, "Stop crying, please. You are breaking our heart and we can see you from where we are."

"I am done crying."

"No you are not."

"Ok now?"

"Fly safe and let this be a lesson. Do not leave Babs unattended."

"Of course dad. Bye."

With tears still in my eyes I looked at Babs and she was looking at me bewildered and then said, "Amma Roya (cried or crying)."

"Yes jaanu. Amma roya because Amma Clumsy."

"Amma Clumsy."

"I am so sorry jaanu."

"Amma Daboo (dumb)." And she said this with the cutest smile a bleeding lip can give.

With that my tears vanished and we ran into our flight as we were the last passengers boarding it...

And what wonderful co-passengers we had...well that will have to wait for a separate post.

I freaked out seeing my daughter on the floor and bruised and bleeding although only on her lower lip. She cried and she wanted me to hold her and it tore my heart because I was the villain who had made her fall and yet she wanted me and trusted me (although she kept asking for her grandparents once in a while). But the best part is that she put the smile back into my face until G went through the whole enquiry process and made me feel worse all over again but only for sometime :) So all is well. Babs lips healed the day after itself and she will never ever be left alone again.


P said...

aww.. give her a kiss frm me and a hug for u :)

vimmuuu said...

'Amma Daboo' was too cute! LOL

How old is she?

Anu Russell said...

Thanks P :) Will pass on the kiss to her.

V - 19.5 months old.

ZiLliOnBiG said...

nice blog, i understand you sadness, coming from vacations can be heartbreaking. very touchy post.

Anu Russell said...

Zillionbig, Thanks for visiting. Ya, I want to go back to Amma's.

Megha Bansal said...

amma (very) clumsy.

:( i feel so bad for both of u and ur parents as well. but as long as babbi is's all ok.

babs is a brave girl and oh-so-cute :)