Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I like it hot

strong, and with milk and lotsa sugar...add some masala to spice it up and that is the way to rock it...

I am talking about my Tea...


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keep it up..

Meena said...

Hi Anu,

Thanks for taking the time out to address my frustrations. I will look forward to your follow up post.
in your point 1. - You said you have not faced it in any other part of the country?? seriously?? Have you been to Bihar? Assam?? And people there spoke in English with you ??? You might say that knowing Hindi is mandatory. But what about the uneducated? who form the mass of the population? 75% in India is blow poverty line. You expect them to sit and learn Hindi? When the educated ones like you have a better opportunity to learn the language of the state you will be working in? Have you heard of being a Roman in Rome?

2. Same as above. If you are interested in bond of brotherhood, it would have shown had you even attempted to learn a few tamil words and speak in broken tamil to make 'brothers'. But no, no one would do that, it's beneath them you see ..everyone wants it their way or highway. Don't think I am just preaching, this applies to me too, because when I go to another state on work, I do carry a language conversion book and atleast make an attempt ( however bad) to speak in their language. And you will be amazed how much it touches them and how soon they throw in whatever little english or hindi they know to form a connection and try their best to help you. That's how you form brotherhood and not by criticizing or showing superiority and waiting for the other person to bend first, it does not take you or the other party anywhere but remain prejudiced and build animosity and grudge.

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Meena said...

Your point #4. Oh cmon!! Any mediocre hotel (even a non tamilian wont miss Saravana Bhavan) will have the basic roti and daal and gobi manchurian. Chennai is such a big metro, I am not sure if you know this but it is the fourth largest city in India !! and has soooo many hotels every 2 feet. Many named as Dhabbas even. Most hotels have their names in English and so are the menus. One google search will give you plenty of options. Even people in non-IT sector use Google !! And you are talking like you are from the 50s.

I don't know vimmmuu at all. But just the fact that you did not even have the basic courtesy and good manners to not call someone's opinion as "blabbering" itself means you are not rational. Nowhere in Vimmuu's comment does he say anything bad about your opinion and has shown respect. If you had reciprocated it and still said what you wanted to, your comments and opinions would have had much more weightage.

Well,can you state some good points too about Chennai? for someone who had observed so much, and has listed so many points, if you are a balanced person and not biased, there has to be some good ones you experienced and noticed... can you tell? Lets see to what level you have observed?

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Meena said...

I am not saying Chennai is great, Chennai is this and that...all I am saying is..all places have their pluses and minuses, Chennai is one of them. It is in no way inferior than other places like people project it. Yes, it was very orthodox and some places still are like that in Chennai. There are stubborn, fanatic, not-so-modern people. But all this is there in all states too. If there are less fanatic people in another states, then there will be some other negative point in that state that outbeats Chennai. Simple. In the end it all amounts to the same. It finally boils down to the kind of people on an individual basis. Based on an individual and not a community as a whole. Based on your education, family upbringing, personality that led you do research on your own and not follow what others say and an individual analytical mind that actually THINKS !!

Finally, as a example, have you been to France or spoken to anyone who visited the place? They are such fanatics that they wont speak a single English word with you. It is either their way or high way. And what do you expect? That you visit their place and they should speak to you in your language??? But when it comes to France, I am sure you will carry a translation book, smile at everyone and try your best to fit in and come back with loads of good memories of the French Riviera and what not. And that's only because *you* tried to fit in.

When it comes to Chennai, what were your attempts to fit in and show some brotherhood ???


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