Thursday, March 05, 2009


So Bubs used to go to this other day care initially. It was a licensed place and supposed to be really good to good because they have rules and regulations. At least that is what everyone told me. But of the three short months that Bubs was there, she was sick for about 2+ months. So finally we pulled her out of there with no notice, had a big fight and all that. Bah. I kept her home for a month based on the doctor's advice and then found a desi lady to take care of Bubs. I found her on

It was as simple as that. I called five or six people who had posted an ad on that website and she was only one to call back and talk politely. I drove there with Bubs, checked out her apartment which was clean and the lady looked nice and decent. I went back the same evening with G so that he would also approve of her. When Bubs was ready to go back to daycare after getting her tubing in her ears done I spent a few days with Anitha, my babysitter to teach her how to handle Bubs who was all of six months. Even though Anitha has a son, she had help while in India to take care of him and so she was not sure what to do with a girl so small.

I called Anitha at least 10 times everyday to find out how things were going. How Bubs was, if she drank milk, if she played enough, so on and so forth. From then on we formed a bond that was amazing. She is the world's best baby sitter followed by Pooja my current baby sitter.

When G was sick and I had to take him to ER. I called Anitha at 6 in the morning on a Saturday, woke her up from sleep and asked to drop Bubs at her house. She was ready. She fed her, bathed her, dressed her and took care of her 4 days and even offered to keep her through the night.

If I had to work late, she would give Bubs a bath and keep her fed and ready for us to pick her up. If I was hungry, she sent food for us. She bought Bubs new clothes all the time. She baby sat her on weekends and if she was not free she had her friend helping us out.

But as all good things last only for a short time, this also had to come to an end exactly a year after we had met. Anitha had to move back to India but as she left, she introduced me to her childhood friend and classmate from intermediate, Pooja. Spent time with P training her to adjust to Bubs schedule, telling her Bubs likes and dislikes, and got Bubs also adjusted to P.

I had to hide my tears the day I bid her farewell and sincerely hope that she comes back soon as promised in July. I miss her and the love and affection she showed to Bubs. I will never ever have a better baby sitter than her. P is great too, but without Anitha I would never have met P. and for that I love you Anitha.

You are the World's Best Baby Sitter as far as I am concerned. What would I have done without you!

Thanks for everything.



Megha Bansal said...

aww, I am sure P will be just as good or better :)

Isis said...

I can totally associate with your feelings. Fitst of, its tough as is to send your baby to a childcare, tougher to get a good day care and muuch more tougher to let her go! Glad she refered you to Pooja before she left.