Monday, March 16, 2009

The best time of our life!

All of us do not even realize that we are having the best time of our life when we were indeed having it. We live through it in oblivion and then for the rest of our lives crave for it. I am talking about childhood. The first few years of our life when everyone is trying to appease you, keep you happy, carry you around, feed you your favorite foods, dance for you, sing for you, give you oil massages, sing your praise to everyone, be there at your beck and call, do everything possible on earth to just see you laugh, listen to the same songs 20,000 times just so you are happy, and on and on and on...and we just don't know it then!

After craving for adulthood all through our childhood and when we finally get there, we want to be kids again, sleep like a baby, eat like a baby, miss mom taking care of us and all our troubles and we look at a playing kid with envy and wonder, "wish we were kids again." We forget that we were kids and only never knew that we were having the time our life then!

PS: I saw this program : Mark and Olly with the Machigenga on Travel Channel and I was so enamored by the simple life of the Machigenga a tribe in the Peruvian Amazon. Then I realized that that they too have stress. Stress about getting food on the table, about taking care of kids, about invading conlonistas who take the tribal people for slaves and rape and plunder their women. They have stress about too much rain, about loosing their kids to the civilization, about forgetting who they are and loosing their identity. They have stress too. Looking at the wonderful landscape they live in (but for the insects) you will think that they are far from feeling as stressed as you who has to drive througha 40 minute traffic jam. But trust me they are as stressed. And then it made me think, who on earth is stress free. No one. I think that my daughter probably does not have too much stress, but who knows. She does cry when I do not take her out because it is cold or when I refuse to play Masakali for the 100th time. Who knows...One thing is for sure stress is for everyone!


P said...

I disagree! though our toddler years may seem the best part... we are too young to know and enjoy being dotted upon and adored!

Infact come to think bout it... we have almost no independence (not that we need it then).. i mean mum decides what you wear/eat/sleep/do!! :) :)

Instead, I totally think that the late teenage years and early twenties are the best part, cause you are just tasting adulthood with quite a bit of independence however with somewhat less responsibilities!

So even though you do not know it then, it is the "bestest" fun part of your life as it strikes a balance between the two: independence and responsibilities!! And now that the job part is starting at me in the face... i miss getting pocket money and the car for parties!! :P

Trevor Penn said...

What!?!?!? Did the best time of my life already go by??? *shakes head left to right* *bangs head on the nearest wall wishing that the plaster doesnt come off*

Anu Russell said...

@ P: I think my teenage was filled with stress. I had to do my boards and then of course there were boys and then to also have fun while studying, which almost always seemed to be a tight stretch...

But at the age where babbi (or any kid for that matter) is, she rarely cares if she is wearing anything leave alone what she is wearing. The way i see it, she prefers running around nangu than in a dress that I think looks cute or thinks she will be comfy in. Plus like you said, I don't think kids at that need to much independence, although my daughter clearly tells us when she wants pampering and when she wants to be left alone. So you get the best of both worlds.

I write this from my personal experience, maybe your views will also change in a few years.

But I do have to say that teenage was the most fun part of my life, at least till I was 25 (which i know is not teen!!!) I will cherish it forever.


Please note you drama queen or king in this instance, no crack on the wall ok?!

Prasanthi Neeladaran said...

I have to agree with you about the easier life I've had......until 23 almost:) Wish I could work on the time machine and go backwards.....