Thursday, March 26, 2009

So many things...

To write about...another year has passed since I came into this world. A year older or a year wiser, all means the same to me. The only thing that concerns me about age is not that it is a countdown but with every passing year I feel that I am getting less strong physically.

Since Sunday I have been busy trying to organize our college (K-State) pictures in chronological order into three albums. Which is almost 500+ photos. As I started organizing them I started living through the moments in life that defined what we are today. I say that because in those photos lie all the past that me and G have shared for 8+ years now. I go through a photo and I remember how we partied that night and then the fight after that, or how I hate this one person on that photo and wish I could take him or her out of it to make the photo more perfect and so on and so forth.

Those photos literally came back to life as I started putting them in order as if I was there and knew exactly how and where we were and in what order. It is so funny and then I started missing "me" and "us" from then. G and I, so carefree about life and enjoying every minute of it. Even then I was the one who was panicky. I had courses to study for, cannot let go of my 4.0, had to save money and such but G had me grounded and actually got me to enjoy life and for which I thank him.

And when I finally got all the pics into the album with just two or three photos left out of order and stuffed hastily to the back of the album I felt the loss again. The loss of youth, the loss of innocence, the loss of a lifestyle that we cannot ever go back to. We did gain somethings in the process though, like weight, debt, car payments, responsibility, stress, and so on. Which is what prompted me to write the first para that with all that I have gained in the last few years after we finished Grad School I have lost my physical strength. 

I am no more as fit as I used to be. I do not walk much any more, I drive everywhere. I eat unhealthy, I sleep on time but sleep rarely comes on time for me, unlike then when I would go to bed at 8 in the morning after partying the whole night but sleep as soon as my head rested on the pillow. I am tired now at 8 in the night and long to get to bed by 10.30pm, which of course never happens and ergo I am eternally tired so on and so forth. I have also learnt the names of a lot of new diseases and syndromes and sickness in the gain phase of life. And this will be the only reason why I am really not so excited about the age gain though other wise it makes no difference to me.

Love y'all and in true Gossip Girl fan style I sign of with a 


Prasanthi Neeladaran said...

Those precious college days.....Awesome that u have your memories in pics as well:)

Suchi said...

Belated Happy B'day Anu - been a while since I visited your blog - so just catching up now.